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Wix List: 10 Best Things We Saw On The Internet This Week

The internet can be a wonderfully weird place. Being the web obsessed bunch that we are, when we’re not creating new possibilities to make the online world a more beautiful place, we’re doing our own online browsing for fresh new ideas to better serve Wix-Nation. Thankfully, when it comes to the internet, there’s no shortage of places where we can draw inspiration from.

Here are just some of the pieces that made us stop and take notice. Who knows, these gems might just be the inspiration for our next set of cool Wix templates.

Coca-Cola celebrates 100 years with the ‘Kiss the Past Hello’ campaign

This brand giant proves that even at 100 years old, there’s still plenty of room for an upgraded look. To usher in their centennial year, coke enlisted some brilliant artists to give their classic bottle a new look. Check out legendary graffiti artist, Mr. Brainwash’s spin on the iconic bottle:

A photo posted by Mr Brainwash (@mrbrainwash) on


Yes, you read that right – your favorite childhood fairytale is making a comeback on the big screen, and blowing up the internet in a big way. The new live-action feature opened in American box offices this past weekend, and the twitterverse has been a buzz about everything from Cindy’s waste-line to the empowering underlying message of the film. What’s our favorite trend from the new Cinderella craze? This awesome princess rap battle that puts ‘Cindy’ head-to-head with Princess Belle:

Paris Fashion Week

Glass slippers not really your style? This past week the chicest styles on the planet made their way down the runway for Paris fashion week. While we’re hotly debating the merits of Alexander McQueen or Valentino’s runway shows, there’s one thing that most of the internet can agree on, this year’s most talked about runway walk belongs to Derek Zoolander and Hansel.

Working on seeing your signature threads head down next year’s runway – get valuable tips on how to turn your fashion designs into the next big thing.

Station LIC’s Video Backgrounds

Sometimes our favorite bits of inspiration come from non-other than great Wix websites. Take this awesome restaurant website out of NYC for example. By incorporating one of the hottest trends this year, Station LIC not only struts their web design stuff, but their site allows for one of their biggest selling points – the restaurant’s electric ambiance – to shine on your computer screen. We’ll have a table for 4 please.

Station LIC


This week marked the start of one of the biggest arts and culture festivals in the world, Austin’s South by South West. And while the music stage won’t be open for another few days, the cyber-sphere’s buzzing with Hollywood elite making their way down for the SXSW Film & Interactive fest, which is already in full swing. We’re always inspired by cool ways that artists promote their work to the world, like with the retro vibe of made-you-a-mixtape’s music player site.

Didn’t make it on the SXSW main stage this year? Start getting your mixtape to the masses by creating an online presence that can’t be ignored.

Made You a Mixtape

President Obama Reading Mean Tweets

Confession: few things give us a bigger chuckle than Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets’ segment. This past week, Jimmy was kind enough to give our favorite celebs a day off, and give THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA a chance to read out mean stuff that people tweet about him online. NBD.

Here’s a clip of some of President Obama being a good sport:

Kids Reading Mean Tweets

Needless to say, writing mean things about people on the internet is one piece of content that we’d never back. To drive home the point that online bullying is no laughing matter, the people at the Canadian Safe School Network capitalized on the mean tweets trend to raise awareness about internet cruelty. When it comes to kids, remember it’s always cooler to be a kinder person.

Weasel Riding a Woodpecker

Unless you’ve been out of wifi range for the last week, you’ve probably seen the picture of a weasel riding a woodpecker. It’s pretty much the most glorious image to grace web browsers. And like all good things on the internet, this majestic moment got the meme treatment. Thank you internet. Thank you.

Weisel Riding a Woodpecker
Adorable Claymation Advertising

There’s nothing we love more than a beautiful advert. Ad agency La DobleVida in Mexico has us gushing over these adorable images in their latest print campaign. Sigh, if only our selfies turned out this cute.

Adorable Claymation Advertising

Spring Break

We weren’t all lucky enough to be partying it up in Cancun or Panama City this week, but this week we were hooked on Snapchat stories Spring Break feed. Don’t mind us, we’ll be just fine vicariously living through your vacation photos.

Spring Break
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