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How New Wonder-App Meerkat Can Help Your Small Business

If 2015 was coined as the year for video, than the new Meerkat app has landed from the future. Currently the most buzzed about app in the market,  Meerkat lets you stream live video from your phone to all of your Twitter followers at once. If you’re already promoting your small business on Twitter, Meerkat can add a cool “real-time” layer to your social activities and turn your brand into the talk of the day. Interested in trying Meerkat out but don’t know where to start? Here are three fun ideas for integrating Meerkat into your social media routine.

The Meerkat app could be your new BFF

Integrate Your Online Followers Into Your Offline Events

The thrill of live video is that anything can happen. When better to show what you’re up to in real time than when you are having an exciting offline event? Is your restaurant hosting karaoke night, your band playing a cool gig, your store doing a fashion show? Not everyone that loves your business can join you in person but they can certainly chime into the video stream – meaning you can build your reach offline and online simultaneously.

Show Your Followers Something Wonderful

Whatever your skill, be a showman. Stream the newest haircut in your barbershop, a recent menu addition to your restaurant, or funky photoshoot. You can ask your Twitter followers what they think of your work and you can adjust accordingly based on their comments. What if your fans helped you decorate that 5-layer birthday cake you’re completing today?! Pretty fun for everyone.

Take Your Followers On A Tour

We don’t want to limit this to city guides, though that would be really exciting. If you’re a realtor, you can showcase a new property. A botanist, show the beautiful plants you’re growing in the garden. If you have a space to show off, do it with a video tour. This will allow the viewers an inside scoop and feeling of VIP you can’t get with highly produced and recorded videos.

The Meerkat app could be your new BFF

Video streaming is a new and exciting way to integrate with your social followers and has endless creative opportunities. But before you delve deep into social communication, which we strongly encourage, be sure you have a beautiful website as the foundation of your online presence.


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