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Web Design \ MAR 10th 2015

Behind the Brand: Top 10 Secrets from the Wix Design Handbook

What’s the difference between an amateur business, and one that really knows to strut its marketing stuff? The key lies in the branding. Branding is basically the genetic makeup of a company; like a familiar face, your branding is how people recognize that what they’re about to interact with belongs to YOU, with no further introduction needed. Here at Wix, our branding can be seen in every ounce of our being – from how we dress in the office, to how we write our content, to the colors we use in our swag. When it comes to presenting ourselves, our motto is always about having fun and being easy going.

Want to know more about our true colors? Our Wix design assets page has all the information you need about our graphic elements and the philosophy behind them, but here’s a fun fact sheet about the hidden secrets that make our brand tick:

Design Assets Page
We Like To Keep Our Friends Close
All of the models featured on Wix pages and materials are friends of ours, literally! In fact, most of the people who appear on our Wix pages, in our templates and even in the free images in the Wix Editor are employees and friends of employees. See if you can find our CEO conducting what looks like a very photogenic meeting in the editor’s “free from Wix” image folder.

Wix Images

We Have DIY Written Into Our Genes
We take all of the photos we use in our marketing on our own. Many Wix employees are incredibly handy with cameras and photography is one of the highest ranking hobbies of Wix employees.

We Believe In Visual Optimism
All official Wix merchandise & web pages follow a vibrant and happy color code. Wix’s 5 official colors are blue, green, yellow, purple & orange.

Wix Colors

We Weren’t Born a Mature Brand
In the early days of Wix, Wix designers were allowed to run wild, and create landing pages and sites with no branding guidelines!

We Have Two Logos
Wix has 2 types of official logos: the first is typeface-only and and the second features Wix’s official yellow mascot on it. Both these logos are free for you to download on our design assets page.

wix logo

We Have an Addiction Problem: A/B Testing
We choose what stays and what gets changed on our Wix pages based on carefully conducted A/B testing. A/B testing basically means that not everyone who lands on a specific page, like our Wix.com homepage will be seeing the exact same thing. We test things like different colors & positions to determine if one design element produces more clicks than another.

We Have a Nickname for the Wix Mascot
That bright yellow guy has been with us for as long as we can remember. The official mascot for all things Wix, it is an integral part of the Wix family. Like a true family favorite, we’ve got a secret nickname for it circling around the company, which unfortunately we can’t presently disclose.

Wix Mascot

We Don’t Over-Brand
One area of Wix that is not limited to branding standards is our templates. All of our templates are made in-house, and are the creations of our incredibly talented design studio team. Our template designers enjoy a full creative license and are encouraged to experiment and innovate.

We’re a Little Restless
Our design is always changing. Just like we’re always adding new features to your Wix Editor, we’re constantly switching up the style of our Wix Homepage and other elements in the online world of Wix. These changes can be as subtle as changing the color of a button, or the recent redo of our homepage personas.

Wix Home Page

We Have a Public Design Assets Page
Sometimes people like to include our logo and mascot in their own material- we get it, the little dude is a party animal. If you are considering using our yellow friend and Wix likeness in your stuff, just keep our intellectual property as a priority. Rules and guidelines for using that material can be found in the design assets page of our site.

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