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Web Design \ MAR 6th 2015

Around The World in 20 Wix Websites

In case you’re still not over the fantasy of jumping into a hot air balloon and traveling to all corners of the world, we’d like to offer you an alternative that is somewhat less adventurous but no less fun. In our version of globetrotting you don’t even have to change out of your pajamas!

The Wix community is an international bunch, and one of the greatest things about viewing Wix websites is that it gives us a glimpse into fascinating and sometimes unfamiliar cultures and regions. The internet made it possible to have global communications more accessible than ever, and it’s really fun to see how different web designers from all over the world share common understandings and trends but also keep a unique style.

Scroll down and you’ll start your online trip to exciting places and gorgeous websites. You’ll get a boost of inspiration of web design trends from all over the world:

HalfAWord This adorable web design studio and media agency from Italy designed an awesome portfolio of their work – from logo to footer. Que bello!


The Ancient Mariner Are you a Kiwi fan? If yes, you will love this New Zealand website for a fish-n-chips restaurant. The naval theme works great with the branding and really makes you want to get on a boat and chew on some taters.

The Ancient Mariner

Tokyo Sind Bad Judging by their website, this Japanese band can keep a crowd on their feet. They have a lot of upcoming concerts, maybe you’ll be able to catch them live?

Tokyo Sind Bad

Studio Ballon Rouge It’s hard to compete with the French over style and class, and this lovely website is yet another example of that. Check out the interactive background and original navigation design. Douze points!

Studio Ballon Rouge

Sebastian Gille Super classy website by this German musician. The monochromatic design really generates a professional impression and an artistic atmosphere.

Sebastian Gille

 Moka London Beauty rules this British website for fashion brand Moka. It’s a great example of how a minimalistic design can actually send a powerful message, like beautiful people who always look gorgeous, even when it seems that they’re not even trying to.

Moka London

Gordon Bennett From the heart of Tel Aviv, Israel, this awesome website combines great visual and textual content. You can really sense the enthusiasm and dedication that these people feel towards their bicycle shop, and that’s exactly the type of sentiment that you want a small business website to convey.

Gordon- Bennett

Station LIC Love how this superb website communicates a sense of urban coolness that the bar itself is obviously going for. This is a great example of how a website can express the brand identity just right.

Station LIC

Meu Chinelo This online store from Brazil is designed in the same spirit that inspired their fun and creative flip flop designs. A touch of vintage in the logo, funky colors, great photos – they all combine together to form a pop-like shopping experience.

Meu Chinelo

Nrazor This Korean branding agency has an impressive list of clients, like Mini Cooper and Starbucks. Obviously, their website needs to express outstanding professionalism and bursting creativity. Looks like it worked out pretty well!


Independent Demolition You wouldn’t necessarily assume that a demolition business would be sporting a beautiful website, right? Well, let these Australians open your horizons with a powerful and impressive web design.

Independent Demolition

 Imagine Argentina This website is both extremely appealing and terribly frustrating. The appeal is a result of the terrific design work this travel business implemented. The frustration arises when you realize you really want to travel to Argentina immediately to see all of these beautiful sights.

Imagine Argentina

 Image Magnentics This Belgian company specializes in interior design, yet their web design skills are clearly excellent as well. The color palette on this site is great for both setting a certain tone and for creating a content hierarchy that helps guide the visitors throughout the site.

Image Magnentics

Cricket Canada Kids Designing a website for an audience of kids is not an easy task. You want to have a fun and friendly design that nevertheless remains clear and easy to navigate through. This Canadian cricket school did a great job with maintaining the balance and creating a site that both children and parents can enjoy.

Cricket Canada Kids

Bad Boys Barber From Russia with love comes this spectacular barbershop website. The interplay between the still background and the scrolling images works perfectly, and you’ll stumble into all sorts of characters who share one obvious trait – they all have great hair.

Bad Boys Barber

Borba It’s well known in Europe that Poland is a one of the most creative and unique countries for fashion and accessories design. Why would that be any different for web design, then? Have a look at this lovely online store and get ready to fall in love with this brand.


Boos Recycling Metal recycling – yet another industry you wouldn’t expect to find on a list of beautiful websites. This just adds to our admiration for what this Swiss company was able to achieve with their superb site. Check out the integrated navigation into the layout of images on the homepage.

Boos Recycling

Seaventy Everything on this website – from the logo to the font scheme – is geared towards creating the tranquil yet thrilling experience of sailing. The usage of photos is superb and will not leave any visitor indifferent.


Ace Parade Get your motor running, because this Romanian website is about to take you on an exciting ride. The thin header clears the room for the impressive image gallery of the homepage, that acts both as an eye-catcher and as a navigation tool. Then each specific page accelerates you further into this fancy web journey.

Ace Parade

Inspire The Dutch author that created this lovely website is an expert in DIY arts and crafts, and her creative spirit is evident in the web design as well. Notice how the design incorporates “hand-drawn” elements in a really natural way.


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