5 Exciting New Trends In Domain Names

Do you know what .com stands for? If you guessed communication or computer, you are incorrect. Believe it or not, .com stands for commercial. Surprising, right? Just as .org stands for organization and .edu stands for education, a website suffix can give great insight into what kind of information can be found at that address. Wix allows you to create your own stunning website and choose your unique domain name. What you do with that freedom is up to you, and it just got even more interesting.

New gTLDs (aka new and fun suffix’s) have arrived. This “domain boom” is coming on the heels of most 3-5 letter .com websites being unavailable or wildly expensive. In addition to the fact that the internet was simply running out of options, .com is moving towards becoming “so 2014.” The world is ready to get way more creative. Lucky You! Your site’s name now has the potential to serve as an even better marketing tool, simply by using a catchy and relevant suffix. If you’re looking to brand yourself, grab a hold of this trend and guarantee that no one will forget your biz.

Let’s check out of some of the top new domain names released thus far:


While this can appear a bit boring compared to a few later in our list, it is consistently the most popular. It is super easy to remember and just interesting enough to make your ears perk up. More than that, those of us using the internet fall into generation x, y, or z. Smart, right?


The internet put the global world right at our fingertips. Nowadays however, the trend is putting the focus back on local community. Domains too are understanding this societal shift and offering localized suffix’s, the most popular of which being .berlin, .nyc, .london and .wang (China). This is great for offline store owners and culturally specific products. How fun would it be for an organic food company to use .portland (not yet available)?


Because why not tell people right from the beginning that you know what you’re talking about! This suffix is fun and cheeky and also positions you as a boss.


For all of the brilliant photographers, now you can play around a bit more with your domain name by having the suffix include “photographer” and using the main site name however you’d like. We recommend those of you in the industry to snatch up your company domain quickly as these too will likely go extinct in a few short years.


Hey, now can you already look like the most helpful site on the block, just from your domain name. If you have a blog, consulting business or anything that is offering tips and tricks of the trade, this can really bring that message home and show you’re ahead of the curve at the same time.

By the Wix team

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