Your All-In-One Dashboard: Welcome to ‘My Sites’

Back in 2006, Wix came on the scene to change the way people create websites. We built a powerful yet simple solution that made the process fun and creative, without having to know the complex language that is code. Fast forward nine years and the Wix website building platform has become so much more. While we maintain an easy-to-use website builder with tons of capabilities and features, we’ve grown to include tons of products and features to make running your business online easier than ever.

This is where the shiny new ‘My Sites’ section comes into play. It’s a customizable virtual dashboard that’s filled with handy shortcuts, information, tips, and more – making managing all the important stuff behind the scenes easy and intuitive. Want to play around with it?

1. Sign in to

2. From the top menu, click My Sites

3. Next to the relevant site, click Manage Site. This will open your site’s dashboard.

Once you’re in, there’s tons to explore. Ready to up your efficiency game? Let’s take a quick tour of some of the highlights:


This space is kind of like a virtual corkboard of all the things you want at your disposal. If you have more than one website (because Wix lets you make as many as your heart desires for free), you’ll have a designated dashboard for each individual site you create. Having all the important info and items like your online store’s latest open orders in one place, means staying on top of tasks related to your website’s upkeep and management is that much easier. Not only  that, but your dash also includes helpful and actionable tips to help you grow your business. The best part? Each dashboard can be customized to suit your own workflow and contain shortcuts to the items and features you use most. Which brings us to…

Popular Shortcuts

This is one of our favorite aspects of the My Account area. They make it easy to keep items and features you use frequently, within click’s reach. You can do this by customizing which shortcuts show up in your dashboards and keep track of which ones you use on the regular. There are so many to choose from but we thought we’d touch on some of the ones we find ourselves using all the time:

  • Duplicate Site Create a second copy of your site – text, images and all. Having a backup is always a good idea.

  • Site History Thinking that the old version was better? All the edits and changes you ever made to your site can be found right here.

  • Transfer Site Great for project collab! You can transfer a copy of a site you created to another Wix account. Easy peasy.

  • Connect Domain Ready to make the leap to premium and give your site a professional polish? You’ll want to connect a custom domain right here.

  • Manage Store Collections, coupons, orders, payments, shipping and tax – you can manage your online store’s whole world from this very spot.

  • Rename Site Don’t like the name you gave your site way back when? Don’t stress it – you can change it!

  • Mailboxes If you bought a custom email address through Google Apps for Business, you can access it here.

App Market

Looking to up your site’s engagement? Adding popular apps and services is a great way to do so, all the while helping you run your online presence that much better. In this area, you can access the Wix App Market which is home to hundreds of apps, all with different uses and purposes. Once you find one you like (or five), adding it to your site is simple.

Apps that you’ve already added to your site will appear on the left panel. From here, you can manage different aspects of them for full control. Some top apps include (but certainly aren’t limited to):

  • Online Store If you’re selling products through your website, you’ll want to utilize this area. Manage, edit, and maintain all aspects of your online store without even opening the Wix editor.

  • Contacts Easily add, view, and edit your contacts, site members and subscribers. Comes in handy when you want to send a newsletter…

  • Send Newsletters Want to get the word out to all your contacts about a sale or other update? ShoutOut is definitely the way to go, and now it’s easier than ever to get to.

  • SEO Wizard A step-by-step guide to your site’s SEO. It explains how you can easily target your customers and improve your site’s search engine ranking.

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