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Small Business Tips \ FEB 12th 2015

Writing Winning Emails: Tips from Wix’s Head of Email Marketing

Running a small business? No matter what your company specializes in, there’s one thing everyone can agree on: your business isn’t worth jack without your client’s support. Whether they’re regulars that you know by name, or new leads that you have your eyes on, retaining a relationship with your audience is a marketing skill that cannot be overlooked. One of the easiest ways to keep in touch with your customers is by way of email marketing.

At Wix, we’ve got email communication down to a science. Not only do Wix users have a super easy email newsletter service available right in their website’s account, we’re also  lucky enough to have our own team of in-house email experts that create the awesome Wix updates that you know (and hopefully love).

Lisa, our head of email marketing took a break from creating our latest email landing pages to share some of her favorite tips for how you can take your email communication to the next level:

Lisa Zigel

1. It All Starts with the Right Intention:

So you’ve decided to send an email newsletter. You likely have an idea of what message you’d like to pass on to your customer base; maybe you’ve got a great sale to promote, or a new special on your restaurant’s lunch menu – but did stop to think about the end goal that you’d like to have happen after someone’s read your email? Like any great piece of content, your email should provoke a feeling, response or reaction from your reader.

When you set out to write your message, sharing exciting news is only the first step. A well constructed email should serve as a stepping stone to move your customer further down your sales funnel.

Make it Happen: Create clear call to action buttons with trigger words that will motivate your clients to move along. It’s best practise to place a few call to actions throughout your email. Who knows, maybe your headline alone has your clients itching to move forward, so why not give your readers the opportunity to close the deal and move along by placing your call to action in the top, middle & end of your email. New to the world of CTAs? We’ve listed some great tips for writing persuasive call to actions in a previous blog post.

It All Starts with the Right Intention

2. Place Yourself in Your Client’s Shoes

If the purpose of your email is to elicit an actionable reaction from your reader, then it’s important that you pinpoint the right words that will make them want to move forward. This means that before you can start crafting your email, you must take a few minutes to asses who your target market is.

You should be asking yourself:

  • What does your target client look like? What’s their gender, age, financial status?
  • Where are these people when they’re reading your email? Are they reading your email from their smartphone on their morning commute? Are they in the office reading your mail between coffee breaks? Are they a busy mom taking a break while their kids are napping?

Once you have a clear idea of WHO it is you’re speaking to, you should think one step further, and ask yourself, WHAT problem can your business solve in this person’s life? Understanding your reader’s needs will enable you to craft an email that highlights benefits that speaks intimately to them, and make whatever your email’s promoting a must-have in their books! We’ll talk more about this later in the post.

Make it Happen: When you put yourself in your reader’s perspective, it will be easier to find the right trigger words that will most genuinely speak to them. Your content writing for emails should be depicted in a clear & friendly language – no one should have to think twice or reach for a dictionary when reading your mail.

Place Yourself in Your Client’s Shoes

3. It’s Not You, It’s Them

Now that you’ve assessed who your intended email recipient is, it’s time to get to the heart of the matter, and focus on how you can help them. While to you, your email marketing is about promoting your quarterly sale, there may be a deeper message that you can push to your clients that will resonate more to them and may result in more purchases on your end.

Here’s an example: Let’s say you run a yoga studio in the heart of downtown that’s popular with the university crowd. While an email promoting a sale on your monthly membership may get their attention, you might hit a bigger home-run by putting yourself in your reader’s frame of mind by highlighting the stress-relieving benefits of yoga classes during their oh-so-hectic exam period.

Make it Happen: Create clever titles that your reader can’t help but to click on! Not sure where to start? These 5 Tips for Improving your Email Click-Through Rate are great for helping you write irresistible email subject lines.

winning emails4

4. Image is Everything

There’s more to your email newsletter than writing alone. Like all web content, the images you choose for your newsletter can play just as large of a role in telling your story as the words. The words & images that you select should compliment each other and work together to drive your message home. Your email’s image aren’t limited to pictures alone. Structuring your email with a smart visual hierarchy will also feed into whether or not you reader will be ready to click through to your next step.

Make it Happen: Your email should be easy to read & look great, no matter what screen it’s viewed on. Test how your emails look on mobile devices to ensure that your links, images & structure isn’t misplaced on small screens. Good news: if you created your email newsletter with Wix ShoutOut, your newsletter are automatically set to look great on mobile – bonus, you can even create newsletters on the go using the Wix ShoutOut mobile app from iTunes.

winning emails_

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