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Promote Your Site \ FEB 19th 2015

New Niche Social Networks To Promote Your Brand In

Every company or organization that take their online marketing seriously acknowledge the power of big social networks like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter. Yet a lot of them neglect the smaller networks, the ones that only address a niche audience. While the huge user base of the leading networks is certainly a reason to focus a lot of marketing and branding efforts on them, they nevertheless lack a few things that the smaller networks are able to maintain.

First, the large networks are more anonymous and less personal. If everyone can fit in, a unique sense of community is lost. On a niche social network, however, the members get to be a part of a group that shares a distinctive interest or feature. This special sense of identity can create a degree of user loyalty that the larger networks just can’t keep up with anymore.

Second, the niche communities are an opportunity to target specific audiences directly, which is becoming increasingly impossible to achieve on the large networks unless you’re willing to pay for advertising. Niche networks can connect your specialized brand with your specialized market, instead of you having to chase them around.

New Niche Social Networks To Promote Your Brand In

But how do you find these niche networks that are so useful for online marketing? This usually involves some research and a bit of trial and error, but Wix is happy to save you time with a list of 8 niche social networks that are trending right now.

SnapChat: This mobile app for quick-pic chats is hugely popular amongst college students. It allows users to distribute images that without saving them, like James Bond’s self-destructing messages. If your ideal audience is young and living the moment, SnapChat could be worth your time and effort.

Snap Chat

Vegan Wall: Being vegan is not only a dietary choice, it’s a life of philosophy. This vegan social network revolves around ethical food, healthy eating and creative cooking, but it also focuses on lifestyle more broadly. Great spot for a food, health and wellness brand.

Vegan Wall

Surfr: This app brings together avid surfers. Anyone who’s ever talked to a true surfer know the sense of community that they share, so no wonder that they have their own successful mobile app for networking. If your brand identifies with the surfer ethos, especially when it comes to gear and fashion, you should check it out.


Cafe Mom: Where all the techy moms gather to exchange tips, thoughts and burp stories. This is obviously a good place to promote toddlers products, but it’s also a very relevant site for lifestyle coaches, fashion designers (for mom and kids), family photographers and more.

Cafe Mom

Player Me: A gamers’ hub that connects gamers from all corners of the world. Gaming is a huge subculture that has long expanded into a profitable market. If your brand taps into this industry, this platform can be a great place to connect with potential clients.

Player Me

Greenuis: The green thumbs of the world now have an online network to unite in. Even though it’s very much a niche community in terms of interest, the profile of gardening enthusiasts is becoming more and more diverse, including hipsters, housewives (and husbands!), eco-buffs, chefs and other social groups.


Gap Year: A community of travelers that focuses on sharing experiences and knowledge on finding adventurous travel buddies. If your brand offers traveling equipment, lodging, tour guides or transportation, this is a really great site to have on your radar.

Gap Year

Zerply: Where entertainment creatives get together to find work, collaborations and inspiration. If you’re front-stage or a behind-the-scene professional, this is a great place to interact with the industry.

new niche social networks 8


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