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Promote Your Site \ FEB 25th 2015

Local SEO: How To Get Your Storefront Found on Google

When you’re a small business owner, no one needs to tell you about the unique challenges of your job. You’re the boss, the bookkeepers, your office’s barista all in one. Being a small business owner is unlike any other job in the world – so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that SMBs have a unique set of rules when it comes to mastering your SEO.

If you’re a small business with a physical storefront, your main marketing goal is to draw more customers through your door, (duh!) So when people conduct a Google search for a business just like yours, it only makes sense that you’ll want your name & address to be the first things they see! From your own personalized website to the on-page of a Google search, all roads should lead to more people walking through your door. This specific strand of search engine optimization for businesses with a storefront is called “local SEO”.

Not sure if local SEO is right for you? The trick is to NAP – no, not that kind – we’re referring to the Name, Address & Phone number of your biz. If your business has these 3 things, then you’re in the right place to strengthen your website’s SEO strategy. Who isn’t this post for? If your business is Ecommerce based or an online service in which you don’t interact with users face-to-face (like a web service based business or blog), then these tips don’t apply to you. Look out for future posts in the Wix Blog that will cover the perfect SEO for these businesses.

Ready to rock your storefront SEO? Let’s get to it!

Tailor Made SEO Tips for Your Small Business

Why Do you Need SEO for Your StoreFront?

We know we’re biased, but when we say that every business needs a website, we genuinely mean it. Even if little to none of your business is done on the net, when it comes to reaching new audiences, there’s no replacing online. Seriously, when was the last time you actually picked up a Yellow Pages to find a near-by business for your needs? Today’s consumers turn to search engines like Google to gather all the info they need – in fact, a recent study showed that over 4 billion searches from computers every month are from people looking for businesses located within a specific geographical area – so you’ll want to make sure your businesses shows up on those searches!

Tailor Made SEO Tips for Your Small Business

If you’re one of those billions of people who search for local businesses online, you may have noticed that the results that Google congers up are located right in your neighborhood. This is no coincidence, Google uses intricate algorithms that incorporate your computer’s IP address and geographic settings to pinpoint the places that are closest to you. So how can you help people find your physical location when they’re conducting digital searches? You’ll need to read on to find out!

Tailor Made SEO Tips for Your Small Business

Take Spelling Serious for Stronger SEO:

First thing’s first, when it comes to SEO, spelling is serious business. Your name, address & phone number should be listed with the same spelling across all of your online channels or it may seriously affect your SEO. This may sound insignificant, but even a small change like titling your biz in some places as ‘MyShop’ and ‘MyShop Ltd’ in others can damage your SEO standing because Google may think that those are two different businesses (hey, it is a machine after all). This same rule goes for spelling your address online, so it’s best practise to double check the spelling on all of your website, social media pages & business listings that you’re registered on.

Tailor Made SEO Tips for Your Small Business

Get Your Business Found On-the-Go:

Ever find yourself out of the house just itching for a great slice of pizza and Googling the nearest Pizza place in your vicinity? We know we’ve done it, and we’re not alone: According to Google, 50% of all mobile searches are looking for near-by places on the go – so you better hope your address is listed properly online so that people can find you when they need someone close. How can you do this? First off, you’ll want to make sure that you’re listing your site with the correct keywords so that Google doesn’t over look your business. Get great tips on finding the right keywords for your business in this post on writing an SEO title that Google will love.

Tailor Made SEO Tips for Your Small Business

Get on Google’s Good Side

Know how some businesses have their store pinpointed right on a map when you’re Googling something? The reason why some businesses pop up on that map is because they’ve created a Google Business Page for their shop. These pages serve as your online calling card on search engines and will list your biz name, address & phone number where it counts, on top of local Google search results. Needless to say, it’s a very worthy time investment to create a Google Business page.

Pro tip: Take the time to think about what category your business belongs in when listing it on your Google Business Page. For example, if you’re a restaurant, you might want to click off a few additional boxes to count yourself in as Italian food, a pizzeria or other awesome cuisine that you specialize in.

 Local Business

Socialize Your SEO

When it comes to SEO, it’s best to spread your name (spelled consistently of course) on a variety of channels. If your business is on a social networks, make sure to list your address & phone number on all of your social media pages like Facebook, G+, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. Don’t forget to link your social pages on your website and vise-versa for added SEO benefits. The easiest way to do that is by adding social icons on your website with easy social web apps from the Wix App Market.

Pro Tip: Being social doesn’t have to be exclusively online. Partner up with local blogs & publications who may be interested in writing an article about how great your business is! Link these articles back to your website for added SEO benefit.

Socialize your SEO


Diversify Your Listings

You never know where people are searching for your web page. Maybe they’re tourists in town looking for restaurants on Trip Advisor, or locals looking for the city’s best cocktail bar on Yelp – be open for all new visitors by listing your site on a series of popular local listings. Get inspiration on where to get listed in this post on 33 free places to promote your webstie online.

Diversify Your Listings

Earn That 5 Star Rating

Many sites, like Facebook pages & Trip Advisor offer review options that can encourage new clients to try you out. True to Google form, reviews from your Google Business page even shows up on Google searches results, which is great news for 5 star feedback!

Pro Tip: Show a personal face behind your business by replying to these reviews – this will not only improve your personal brand, but it’s also a great way to get free feedback on your business.

Ready to take your business online? Create a free website with Wix! Looking for more SEO related tips? Find out more about Wix´s SEO features in the Wix Learning Center.

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