Your Brand & Twitter: How To Engage With Trending Topics

When a term or hashtag becomes popular and picks up speed on Twitter, it enters the coveted ‘Trends’ zone. If Twitter is unchartered territory for you, these trending items can be found in the box to the left of your feed, or on the right side on your own account’s profile. Twitter will figure out where you’re located (because the future is already here) and show you the current trends based on your geo. If you want to see trends in other locations, all you need do is click the ‘Change’ button and choose the one you’re looking for. The trending items you’ll see vary but major news, celebrity updates, music releases, sports related subjects, and fun challenge-like word games dominate. Some trends fizzle out fast while others hold their ground for hours, making them pretty unpredictable in nature.

As advertising and marketing continues to move away from hard-sell tactics (for the most part) and inches closer to a softer, more conversation-like approach, brands have started joining in on trending items from their Twitter accounts. It can be a great way to interact with people in real-time, and in doing so, further your brand. While some people are on the fence about whether a brand or business should be inserting themselves into the chatter, if you stick to some guidelines not only will you be in the clear, but you may just win yourself some followers. The golden rule is to always make sure that the trending item you’re about to jump on is one that in some way connects with what your brand is about. Here’s how to win with trends:


  • Come up with clever and funny text that gets those retweets

  • Add an eye-catching image that works with your text (you can go without, but having one is much more impressive)

  • Move fast and get that tweet out before the trend’s gone


  • Forget to double check all of your spelling, especially the hashtag!

  • Be mean – positive tweets perform best (no one likes a bully)

  • Push your products, business, or agenda – it’s about fun

Best part? You don’t need to be a multi-million dollar corporation to pull it off. Check out these brands and small businesses who have taken the trending item and turned it to their marketing advantage:

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