All About Domains: The Ins & Outs of Naming Your Website

If your website is your online home, then your site’s domain is your primary address. Your domain is the first impression that people have of your business and the first introduction to your own plot of land on the world wide web. But like any first impression, you’ll want to take some steps to make a positive impact.

Picking the right domain name is kind of like naming your business – it can be a big deal if you don’t do it right, so take the time and invest some thought into it before you commit. Nervous yet? Don’t be, we’re here to help.

Free Domains:

If you’ve got a Wix website, you already know that you can build and publish your website for 100% free. Your free Wix site is like any other fully functioning site on the web, with the only difference being a suffix at the end of your URL.

Not sure what your website’s domain name is? If you’re a free Wix user, your domain name is comprised of this simple formula: your username + + your individual website name to look something like this: Unlike paid domains, you can change your free domain anytime by following these steps.

Personalized Domains:

If you’re looking to create a web address that will fit more neatly on your business cards (not to mention be easier for your clients to remember), then it’s time to pair up your Wix site with your own domain. In fact, when you upgrade to many of Wix’s yearly upgrade plans, you get your own domain free for the first year.

Have you already purchased a website address from another domain registrar? No problem! You can easily connect a domain that you’ve purchase from just about anywhere to your Wix account by upgrading your website to a Wix “Connect Domain” plan. You can find out all about this in our helpful tutorial from the Wix Help Center.

Google Domains has a great offering that pairs the Wix website builder with a great domain package. The best part about this package is that Google Domains & Wix have made the technical part even easier so you can connect your personalized domain to your Wix site in one simple swoop.

It’s All in the Name[.com]:

Like we mentioned above, choosing the right domain name for your website is serious business. Like a trademarked business, your website name should be one of a kind, ideally catchy, and fitting to your brand’s overall tone. Because no two websites can have the same domain, it may take a few tries until you find a unique domain that perfectly reflects your biz. This may mean adding an alternative ending to your domain such .biz, .ca or maybe something more fun like .shoes.

Need help creating the perfect name? Check out our tips for choosing the best domain name for your business.

And if you haven't thought of a name for your business yet, take a step back and brainstorm this first. You can use the Wix Business Name Generator for a helping hand.

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