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15 Original Valentine’s Gifts For Him And For Her

We at Wix adore a good Do It Yourself project, (we do make DIY websites, after all), and we believe nothing is more romantic than a handmade gift for the winner of your affections. But let’s face it, some of you completely forgot about the day of romance (how could you?!) and have no time to prepare. So for all the lovebirds searching for some last minute gift ideas – don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

We know how challenging it can be to find the perfect something for that perfect someone. Luck for you, we collected some amazing online items that will make your Valentine’s heart melt.  And as a special something from us, if your honey is in need of a website we’ll give them some TLC and an awesome holiday discount.

Check out these goods that you can shop for in your underwear and show your guy or gal that you totally get their style.

Target Alarm Clock 

Have a special someone that has trouble waking up in the morning? This alarm clock will help you both start the day in a fun and playful way.


Valentines gifts

Bullet Cufflinks 

Make love not war. Have your guy rock these re-purposed bullets as cuff links and keep the world classy.

Valentines gifts 2

Facial Hair Products 

Show your man’s facial hair some lovin’ as well. Beard Oil is the next big thing…

Valentines gifts 3

Phone Charger 

Give your lover another life force! Well at least give his or her phone battery some extra power with this cool battery charger.

Valentines gifts 4

Beer Making Kit 

Home Brewed Beer. Enough said…

Valentines gifts 5


Headphones Splitter

Jam out together with these cute couples headphones

Valentines gifts 6

Laser Pizza Cutter 

He will never take the bigger piece again!

Valentines gifts 7


Keep your hands and your hearts warm with these gloves of love

Valentines gifts 8

Love Pillows 

If you can’t say it with words, say it with pillows

Valentines gifts 9

Unicorn Slippers 

You finally found that oh so special someone you’ve been looking for? Tell her she’s as rare as (you guessed it) unicorns!

Valentines gifts 10

Waffle Book

Not sure why we find waffles the most romantic food you can make your partner, but we do. This cook book will give you some fun ideas for your next breakfast in bed.

Valentines gifts 11

Superhero Apron

Is your lady is a superhero? Get her a fun apron to finish off her superwoman look.

Valentines gifts 12


Word of advice: Buying clothes is a risky choice –  size, color, shape. But purchasing a scarf is a foolproof gift.

Valentines gifts 13

Fun Jewelry

No need for expensive diamond earrings. Funny ice cream rings will make your Valentine the happiest girl in the world.

Valentines gifts 14

Bouquet of Kittens 

Don’t say it with flowers… Say it with kittens! A fun twist to a classic Valentine’s Day gift.

Valentines gifts 15

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