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Design Inspiration \ FEB 9th 2015

10 Wix Websites You Seriously Want To Bookmark

If you’re in the process of setting up a small business, you’re probably already aware of the need to create your own website. Luckily, thanks to tools like Wix, creating a website today is easier than it’s ever been. All you need to do to get your website online is choose a free template, customize it with the images and text you want and instantly publish it to the web. It’s that easy.

However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do your own homework first. Creating a website is easy but creating a successful website is a whole other story. For example, how do you design a website that actually meets your goals? What are some essential elements to include on your website? To help you get started here are 10 Wix sites you can bookmark and come back to for tips time and time again.

10 Wix Websites You Seriously Want To Bookmark

Adam Mccain >>

This is a superb example of a one-page website that uses space cleverly and is able to present all the important information in a concise and appealing way. Believe it or not, this guy is actually a pastor, but his rock star mannerism translates extremely well onto the web.

Adam Mccain

Better Read Than Dead >>

Fixed headers are a major trend in web design, and we love how this Wix user implemented it on this lovely website. If you want to know how to add your own fixed header, here’s the answer.

Better Read Than Dead

Girl Scouts Troop 331 >>

This adorable girl scouts website is doing a remarkable at addressing its target audience. On one hand, there’s an undeniable cuteness to it. On the other hand, it steers clear of childish cliches and so it creates a message of youth empowerment.

Girl Scout Troop 331

Farmer’s Fridge

Beautiful color palette that is very unique in the eco/green industry. Despite the integration of the strong black color, the site successfully maintains a clean look and feel that is consistent with the procuct.

Farmers Fridge

Eat Live Sleep >>

Brave use of the tiled columns layout. Many web designers prefer to avoid this layout because they fear clutter and messiness. This site proves that there is order in the chaos, and that it actually looks really awesome.

Eat Live Sleep


Glam Rabbit >>

This website is integrating a third party app called Four Sixty  that allows it to display a combined social feed. It’s a great example of how Wix users can use the HTML add-on to add more rich content to their sites and boost the user experience.

Glam Rabbit

Made by Hands >>

Online stores are a real challenge to web designers. How do you balance the technical and practical purchasing process with a beautiful display of the products? This store is doing it just right and the creativity of their brand is present in their products and their site design.

Made by Hands

Nir Slakman >>

Truly outstanding photography portfolio. Professional photographer Nir Slakman managed to organize vast amounts of images and files in a neat and orderly display that highlights his skill and talent.

Nir Slakman

Pierce Streiff >>

In minimalist design, less means more, and you can’t ask for any more style and poise than what you can see on this gorgeous portfolio by graphic artist Pierce Streiff. Also, be sure to check out the cool hover effect on the homepage image. (here’s how you can get your own hover effect)

Pierce Streiff

Residenz Alpen Gold >>

We love how this website uses images to divide the sections in the homepage and create a convenient content distribution. Not only is this helpful for improving the usability, it adds such a powerful effect to the overall homepage design.

Residenz Alpen Gold

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