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Small Business Tips \ JAN 1st 2015

Looking Back: Some of Our Favorite Success Stories of 2014

Over the past year Wix has shared the success stories of exceptional small business owners and how they have grown their brand. From the point of conception, to creating a beautiful website, to promoting their product online – we have captured the milestones that have made each biz a best-seller. As we look back on 2014 we wanted to share some of the most exceptional Wix Stories who have inspired us this year, and follow up with how they’ve grown since.

With a well thought out design, social media that makes your fans give a “like” and a marketplace that brings in money, you too can be a rockstar Wix success in the year to come.

A Few Quick Tips for 2015:

  • A picture says a thousand words: Make sure your images represent your company’s unique style.
  • Sharing is caring: Get your content shared by adding a creative blog.
  • Sell away: Don’t wait, this year you can add an eCommerce component to your site and allow customers to buy online.

Looking Back: Our Favorite Success Stories of 2014

Mary Todd Hair Co.

Mary Todd Hairdressing Co. is a barber shop for the coolest of the cool. Steve and Sean opened a salon that will not only give you a great cut but will curate a playlist of jams and pour you a cold beer. This year they built such a strong web presence & clientele that they opened their very first pop up shop for the Shakey Knees Festival in Atlanta.

Quiana Parks

A DJ, graphic designer and proud survivor of Lymphoma, Quiana, started a campaign to raise cancer awareness and celebrate art. If Quiana’s face looks familiar, odds are you’re not alone. She’s lined the pages of several of New York’s coolest magazines and she’s even participated in the prestigious Art Basel festival in Miami.


Selling quality products and 100% of the profit going to orphans, who wouldn’t want to support Orfana?! This generous and revolutionary company is changing global consumerism and growing quickly. Founders Melody and Jennifer have made it easy for shoppers to make a difference. In fact, their sandals are already simulating the local economy in Taiwan and they are set to expand their important work in the year to come.

Ready to take your business online? Set yourself up for success by creating your own website with Wix!

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