Introducing Wix’s First Super Bowl Campaign: #ItsThatEasy

In November of last year, we posted an update to our Facebook page, announcing that for the very first time, Wix will be airing a Super Bowl commercial during NBC’s broadcast of the game on February 1.

Less than two months have passed since, and in that time we’ve spent many-a-hour strategizing, conceptualizing, shooting, editing, writing, designing… and sometimes arguing about things to come. Creating a Super Bowl campaign is a passionate business, but luckily, there were two things we were always able to agree on:

1. True to our brand, this Super Bowl commercial was going to be fun 2. Nobody was EVER going to have a day off.

With those two principles in mind, we got to work!

So What Did We Come Up With?

Our Super Bowl campaign features 5 NFL legends: Brett Favre, Terrell Owens, Emmitt Smith, Larry Allen and Franco Harris. Leaving their football glory days behind, the legendary five each reinvent themselves as owners of  new and quite unlikely businesses. Needless to say, no business is complete without a website… And here comes to save the day. What better tool for jocks? It’s that easy!

So When Can We See The Commercial?

You can get your first taste of the campaign today, with this short video starring the one and only Terrell Owens:

Starting next week, we’ll be releasing a lot more great materials from our official #ItsThatEasy campaign website. You should also check out our Facebook and Twitter channels for some exclusive Super Bowl inspired awesomeness! We’re super pumped about our very first Super Bowl commercial and we’d love to share some of our excitement with you. We promise not to get too sentimental. [sniff].

#ItsThatEasy #SuperBowlXLIX

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