5 Beautiful Wix Websites That (Almost) Broke The Internet

Creating buzz on the internet ain’t easy. Between the constant stream of breaking news & new cat videos, it can sometimes feel impossible for small business owners to get noticed on the web. But for us, getting newbies online quickly and effectively, is kind of our thing. We’ve made it our mission to make the internet a friendlier place for small businesses, where even people with little or no web design experience can easily create a beautiful website, for free.

For our upcoming Super Bowl ad, we’ve enlisted the help of five web building amateurs that you might have heard of: Brett Favre, Emmitt Smith, Franco Harris, Terrell Owens and Larry Allen.  These NFL-legends and hall-of-famers set out to prove that even technological novices like themselves can create beautiful & professional looking websites for any occasion. #ItsThatEasy!

Don’t believe us? Here are some of the web design gems that were incorporated into each player’s site that you too can easily add to your own new Wix website:

Larry Allen’s All Pro Tow


Larry Allen’s pro towing business proves that you don’t always need a ton of space to get your message across. Just like his energy efficient business, Larry’s one-page towing site conserves on space to get you all the info you need without exuding too much effort.

Knowing that most of his business will come from people on the go, Larry was wise to create a super mobile friendly site with a call-to-action button front & center so that potential clients can get in touch and get the help they need in a snap.

Terrell Owen’s Humble Pies


When he’s not making the best damn pies in the world, Terrell Owens is building an empire behind his T.O brand. As the newest addition to his brand, T.O’s Humble Pies is marked with his signature logo on the top left corner of all of his pages, and crusting his pies of course. T.O took his branding one step further by linking his logo to his homepage; this strategic step is not only great for recognition, it also does wonders for his usability, making sure that no matter where on the site viewers find themselves, they can always come back home to T.O.

When your pies taste as good at T.O’s you’ll want to make sure that everyone knows it! T.O geniusly did this by incorporating awesome video testimonials into his site. You can follow T.O’s lead by adding Youtube videos on your own page, or go the ol’ fashioned route by adding text praise with our awesome testimonial apps from the Wix App Market.

Double Deuce Club


Even though his site’s only been live for less than a month, Emmitt Smith’s Double Deuce Club is already one of the most sought after ticket in Texas! With a rockin’ lonestar feel to his online hub, it’s no wonder that Cowboy fans across the nation are itching to get a taste of the 22 Club based on the site alone. Heck, just one look at the weekly events calendar will get anyone excited! While Emmitt chose to go the static route with his calendars, other Wix users can opt for more interactive touch by incorporating one of the many calendars available in the Wix App Market.

One of the most brilliant ways that the Double Deuce was able to garner so much attention for such a new business (other than Emmitt’s star power, of course) is based on their awesome social media incorporation. Aside from the basic Twitter & Facebook buttons in the site’s footer, The Double Deuce Club also cleverly added a Facebook Share button on the site’s merchandise page so that fans can let each other know about the great free goodies up for grabs!

Favre & Carve Charcuterie


If your mouth’s still watering for web design goodness, you surely won’t be disappointed with what Favre & Carve has in store. Brett’s now notorious charcuterie website mixed old world cajon flair with the newest web design trends to create a site that’s the perfect embodiment of his new business. When passing through the fine selection of meat & cheeses, we’re not quite sure what’s more drool worthy – the delicious deli treats up for grabs, or the site’s web design. We especially love the color changing hover effect over the meat & cheese menus on the homepage, and the cool animation scattered throughout his site.

Not sure what on earth Brett Favre is selling in his new shop? If like many people, you’ve never heard of a charcuterie before, you’re not alone. But fear not, Favre’s got you covered with a hilarious page that helps you pronounce his selection of specialty meats & cheeses – the Mississippi way.

Franco Harris Immaculate Receptions


Last but not least, it wouldn’t be an NFL legends roundup without legendary Steeler’s Running Back, Franco Harris. The man behind one of the NFL’s most memorable plays, Mr. Immaculate Reception has since settled down and is helping Steeler’s Nation plan unforgettable receptions of their own. Right off the bat, this black & gold Steeler’s themed site gets you in the party mood with an adorable dancing Franco gif (that yes, you can easily add to your own site as well).

Anyone who’s had the pleasure of planning a wedding (or that’s ever visited the Pinterest homepage in the last half decade) knows that when it comes to wedding advice, there’s no shortage of places to turn to. Being the consummate professional that he is, Franco heard the cry of Steeler’s Nation and added his own wedding blog to his site. He’s just a gentleman like that. If you’ve got some of your own tips to share with the world, why not add a blog to your site as well? Like Franco’s fans, we’re sure your clients would love to see what you’ve got to offer!

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