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Web Design \ JAN 3rd 2015

10 Great Web Design Enhancements To Kick Off 2015

Excitement is in the air! A new year brings with it new opportunities in every sphere of life. Ever since Wix was founded in 2006, we greet every year with curiosity and thrill. We’re looking forward to 2015 and all the new developments it will introduce in the field of web design.

Even though we can’t predict all that is to come, we do have a hunch about certain trends that will take root this year. The following list is based on the leading currents in the industry right now. We’re paying close attention to where the winds of inspiration and creativity blow with the intention of making sure that Wix remains the ideal platform for creating beautiful websites.

Buckle up, folks. This year is going to be truly awesome.

Desk with sketches

Material Design

The new generation of Flat Design, Material Design is Google’s vision for design philosophy that is inspired by traditional design techniques and materials and adapts them to digital representation. The result looks like layered interfaces that emphasize light, surface and movement. Find prime examples for this design language right here.


For years web designers have been pushing the online industry to get rid of animations for good. Now all of a sudden animations are the next big thing in the field. So what changed? First of all, animations became more sophisticated and clever, and with that web designers discovered that they can use animations in more subtle ways. The new trend of animations focuses on motion, transition and gentle gestures that indicate action.
BTW, Here is how you can easily add animation to your Wix site >>

Animation in Webdesign

Ghost Buttons

Forget about loud and intrusive Call to Action buttons. The new thing in the button scene are transparent, elegant surfaces that blend seamlessly with the background and are only separated from it with a subtle border. You generally want to make ghost buttons slightly larger than the average button and position them in key locations on the page. Their delicate appearance does not mean that they generate less clicks. It’s because of their clean look and smooth interaction with the background that viewers are attracted to them.
Here’s a beautiful Wix website template that already incorporates ghost buttons in the design:

Ghost Buttons


The idea of storytelling in web design is that the entire design is conceptualized to tell the site visitors a story – not in the literal sense but as a metaphor for the experience of being on the site. For example, a website that tells a good story ties together images and texts in a way that form one coherent narrative, and it will use use interactive scrolling to make the viewer a participant in the story. There are many ways to tell a story in web design, and we expect that 2015 will push the boundaries of this trend further and further.
Check out how Wix users Patisserie 67 tell a story on their gorgeous website>>

Patisserie 67

Card Design

The grown-up cousin of Tiled Design, first made popular by Pinterest in 2010, Card Design is a more flexible and democratic version. Cards in web design are used as starting points from which the site visitors can plan their own interaction with the site’s content. They provide an extremely appealing preview, a taste of what’s ahead. Card Design in 2015 will be more interesting, with more versatile styling options, a variety of media and interactive options.
Want to create your own Card Design website? This Wix Template is a good place to start.

Card Design

Full Size Video Backgrounds

Beautiful, larger than life videos that are not confined to a framed player are taking over website backgrounds and it looks great. This trend is gaining popularity both because it is fun and gives room for a lot of creative thinking, but also because it is extremely useful for the storytelling effect that we already introduced. A video background sets the tone for the entire website and creates a dynamic and lively vibe.
Wix users Zenit are already implementing this trend on their beautiful Wix website.

Zenit boards

Scrolls Instead of Clicks

This is a really interesting example of how mobile browsing influenced general web design trends. The prominence of the touchscreen device changed the browsing experience, making long scrolling a familiar action, while clicking now seems less intuitive and natural to the process of navigation. This means that more content is concentrated on a single vertical page and is divided into scrolls rather than pages.
Madsschou’s Wix site is a great example of how to use long scrolling just right.



Finding new and original ways to engage the visitors will make a huge difference for web design in the coming year. Whenever you request any type of input from a user you basically create an interaction, and the movement towards microinteractions means consciously trying to generate more and more opportunities for input. Classic examples of microinteractions are an email subscription box or a ranking feature, but will 2015 bring along original and innovative microinteractions? We’re betting on it.


Hand-Drawn Illustration

Illustration has always been an important element in web design, but we’re now witnessing a shift towards emphasizing the raw quality of it by accentuating hand-drawn rough lines. Rather than appearing amateurish, this style makes an individualistic statement. It amplifies a personal touch that is often missing from hyper-professionalized illustrations. Joe and Lisa embraced this trend when they used Wix and created their wedding website:

Joe and Lisa

Hidden Menus

Another example of how mobile surfing norms influence developments in web design. On a mobile screen, where you don’t have plenty of space to work with, smart navigation menus “hide” and can be revealed by clicking an icon button at the side of the screen. Transferring this to the full screen, designers realized that it is both a practical and an aesthetic approach to navigation. The menu remains out of view until the user actually needs it, appearing in a drop-down style with a simple click or cursor hover.


Happy New Year from the entire Wix family!


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