10 Fun Super Bowl Facts To Win Over Your Game Day Party

As we get ready to unveil our first ever Wix Super Bowl commercial, we’ve been channeling our inner jocks, and brushing up on our sports stats. So far, we’ve fallen in love with 5 NFL legends, and could even tell you a few things about their most memorable plays.

If you’re like us, you’ll be spending February 1 at a game day party nodding along with the know it alls, and waiting for the commercials to air. There’s always that amazing guy or gal on the couch spewing obscure and relevant player history as if they can pull information out of thin air. For most of us, this sounds about as complicated as writing computer code. But man do they sound cool.

While it takes years of invested fandom to be able to throw out the appropriate data during a football game, we found some fun tidbits of our own that you can use to be the life of the party. Here is some impressive and hilarious trivia about game day:

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