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Logo Design \ DEC 1st 2014

Wix Websites with Beautiful Logos

A great logo for a website is like a strong title for a book. It will make the audience want to peek inside. Your site logo will be one of the first things that your visitors will see when they view your website, so that first encounter needs to make a powerful and lasting impression.

The importance of the logo goes well beyond decorating your website’s header. For businesses and organizations, the logo is the main visual identification mark that should appear on all branding and marketing efforts – online, in print, on packaging, etc.

Wix Websites with Beautiful Logos

What makes a good logo? Even though logo design guidelines will change according to the type of business in question, there are a few general rules to follow:

  • The logo should correspond to the branding message of your business or organization. It needs to convey in one visual the core values of your brand.
  • It should be easily adaptable to different types of media and sizes. You don’t want a logo that works well on a screen but looks bad when printed on paper.
  • Playful logos are great but don’t make it too complicated. The logo shouldn’t be a riddle for your audience to solve.
  • Don’t design a logo based on current fads. You don’t want to find yourself with a new logo every year or so.

To state the case more clearly, we have here a collection of superb Wix websites that use amazing logos in their design. Click to get a better view and see the inspiration filling up the screen.

Brown Owl Creative >>

Brown Owl Creative

French Knot >>

French Knot

Farmer’s Fridge >>

Farmer's Fridge

Random Dining >>

logos showcase

Bacon and Beer Classic >>

logos showcase2

Alison Lewis Hair >>

logos showcase3

Pop Music Academy >>

logos showcase4


Letterpress Paint and Paper Studio >>

logos showcase6

Simply Creative >>

logos showcase7

Fresh Pressed Photobooth >>

logos showcase8

Paper and Pop >>

logos showcase10

Chuck >>

logos showcase11

Storybird >>

logos showcase12

Uno Schianto >>

logos showcase13

Dough Brooklyn >>

logos showcase14

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