How to Create Festive and Engaging Web Content for Holiday Season

Between checking off items from your shopping list and checking out recipes for grand family feasts, don’t neglect your duties as a website owner! Holiday season is a superb time for strengthening ties with your online presence and engaging with your audience. You should take the opportunity to produce holiday-related content and boost your branding online.

Putting together a content plan is extremely valuable if you want to use the festive time of the year to generate extra online buzz, increase your site traffic and also improve sales. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do this all by yourself. Allow us to guide you through several important steps to creating holiday-themed web content that will get your audience thrilled.

Work with a Schedule

To maximize the effect of your holiday content plan, be sure you have a timeline figured out in advance. If you are going to launch a sale, a social media campaign, a newsletter, a new website or any combination of the above, consider when each of these items should be introduced publicly in order to enjoy the fullest impact.

Redesign Your Website Homepage

Show your holiday spirit by introducing a special redesign to your homepage. It doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul. Adding a touch of winter-themed illustrations, green-red colors or well-known symbols of the holidays can be enough to show that you want to give your site visitors a special browsing experience.

Create Festive Coupons for Your Online Store

If you are an online store owner, one thing you should do to raise sales is holding a unique holiday sale. You can create coupon codes and spread them amongst your fans. Using Wix’s eCommerce platform, you can name your code with a festive holiday title, add an expiration date and limit the number of times each coupon can be used.

Spread Holiday Cheer in a Newsletter

Don’t miss out on the chance to send your email subscribers a personal message for the holidays. This could be your opportunity to invite them to check out your website for updates, and to share with them an exclusive discount code. Use Wix ShoutOut to create a gorgeous and engaging newsletter. We even have a Christmas theme for the newsletter design!

Instagram Your “Behind-the-Scenes” Holiday-Themed Photos

If you’re big on Instagram, add a touch of holidays to the photos you share. You could post images that reveal how you prepare for the holidays in your business and in your home. For instance, you could reveal the most dreadful Christmas sweater in your closet, show off the decorations to your store or office, or make your pet wear a silly costume to extract extra likes from your fans.

Get Fans to Share Their Stories

The holidays are a time of coming together. To strengthen the sentiment of personal bond between you and your followers use your social media channels to ask them about their unique holidays experiences. For instance, you can ask Facebook fans to share the worst Christmas present they ever received or what’s the holiday dish they could eat all year long.

Offer Advice, Guides and DIYs

Combine your friendly holiday mood with your skills and talents to offer your audience expert tips and tutorials on a variety of holiday-related topics. If you happen to be a photographer, why not publish a guide on taking professional photos for Holiday cards? Or if you are very craftsy, you can teach people how to built Hanukkah Menorah from reusable kitchen items. Be creative!

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