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Small Business Tips \ DEC 15th 2014

7 Essential Wix Tools You Should Know About

What goes into creating a complete online web presence? Some say it’s beautifully written content, others argue it’s your images that set the tone, and still others say that it’s all about the web traffic that you send your site’s way. Before we start a website rumble, we’ll set the record straight: there’s more than one way to create the online presence that represents you best.

Thankfully, the people behind the scenes here at Wix have already thought this through. Your Wix account is filled with tools to not only create a beautiful website, but to take full control of your business’s online presence from A-Z. We rounded up just some of these tools, add-ons and  new features that will help you make, maintain and manage a cohesive online presence, right from your Wix account:

Custom Color Palettes
If you’ve already got a Wix website, you know that you don’t need to be a design guru in order to create a beautiful, professional and completely unique online space. Even if you decided to base your site on one of our beautiful templates, you can customize every aspect of your page to give it a personal touch that’ll really stand out.

Color hue Palette

Nervous that you don’t have the design skills necessary to ace your on-page aesthetic? The design team behind the Wix Editor have already done the guess work for you with a whole bunch of custom color palettes right inside your Editor. Complementary color palettes have been expertly selected so you never have to worry about mismatching your color selections (unfortunately these personal style guides aren’t around to tailor your fashion choices).

Get started by finding your favorite color palette in your website’s Editor:
Click the Design Icon on the left menu > Click Colors > and watch as your color scheme changes before your eyes

Color hue Palette

The Wix App Market
Missing that little bit of umph to add some spice to your site? Whether you want to play tunes on your homepage, get a boost selling your stuff or stay in touch with contact forms, the Wix App Market has what you’re looking for. Not sure where to start? Take a gander at some of our favorite tools from the Wix App Market or visit the Wix App Market and take a tour for yourself!

There are two ways to access The Wix App Market from your account:
From your left Editor menu > Click on the Wix App Market > and start exploring the wonders of the Wix App Market

There are also a ton of handpicked business apps in your Wix account that are geared to grow your business by improving your SEO, sending more traffic to your site, and even managing your business with financial apps.
To access and manager these Business Apps: Sign into your Wix Account > click the Manage Account button > Click my ‘My Apps’ button under popular shortcuts.

Wix App Market Rewind & Review Your Site
Accidentally delete a prized piece of content? Having second thoughts about your site’s design layout? Don’t fret – did you know that you can retrace your steps by checking out older versions of your website? Take a trip down memory lane by visiting your site’s save history.

How to access your site’s history:
From the right side of your My Account > Click the ‘Site History’ box > from here you can restore and explore what your site looked like at at various save points.

Get Feedback
Publishing your site is a big deal. Just like an awesome author (or blog writer) would never publish a story without having it pass the eyes of a trusted editor, you too should have a friend fine-tune your site to make sure it looks perfect. So before you go live, get a trusted pal to give it the once (or twice) over.

You can do this easily with the Get Feedback feature. It lets you give special access to your site for editing purposes before you publish your page.

Get Feedback

Statistics & Analytic Tools

Want to see who, what or where your site is being viewed from? Take a look at your business’s online presence by way of the handy stats & analytic tools that are (surprise!) already incorporated into your Wix account.

You can check out your site analytics right in your Wix Editor with these steps:
From your left Editor menu > Click on the Settings icon > Select the Statistics Tab & start getting to know the ins and ours of your site’s traffic! Note that this service is currently available if you’ve upgraded your site to one of our premium plans.

Here’s more info on how to incorporate Google Analytics to your Wix site.

Google Analytics

SEO Wizard

Want more people to discover your awesome site? The most crucial ways to promote and send more people to your website is by improving your page’s SEO. Guess what? The folks at Wix have thought of that, too! Make sure your site’s SEO is completely covered by trying out the SEO Wizard. The SEO Wizard will crawl your site and give you an easy to understand report on how you can improve your site’s SEO.

The Wix SEO Wizard can be found right in your Wix Account:
Sign into your Wix Account > click the Manage Account button > on the left menu, click on the SEO icon

Bonus! We’ve also got a whole category of SEO boosting tips, tricks and best practices tools in SEO section of the the Wix blog.

SEO Wizard

Send Newsletters from Your Wix Account with ShoutOut

Last but not least, you can keep your site viewers in the know on the latest news about your biz with Wix ShoutOut. More than just a tool to easily send & create email newsletter from your website account, Wix ShoutOut is the complete email package. Did you know that you can also import & manage your email contacts from your website account too? Check out the contacts icon on the left side of your Wix Account and easily upload your Gmail or Outlook contacts.

Fun Bonus Feature! Keep track of who your email contacts are by adding convenient ‘notes’ next to their names. Notes help you remember exactly who, what & where you met the people on your contact lists so that the next time you cross paths, you won’t have to have to wrack your brain for that precious information.

You can also continue to collect contacts for your ShoutOut email list by adding the Get Subscribers app to your website. Get Subscribers is a handy pop-up that prompts people to add their emails to your newsletter list so that they’ll never miss your next announcement.

Wix ShoutOut
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