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Web Design \ DEC 25th 2014

15 Tips from an Old Wix User to a New Wix User

Experience is the best teacher, they say. If this is your first time building a website, what could be better than learning the tricks of the trade from someone who’s been there before?

This is exactly what this blog post is for. It offers valuable tips from Wix users who, just like you, were once absolute newbies and are now happy to share what they’ve learned with newcomers.

If you have any tips of your own to add to this list, drop us a comment and let us know!

monile icons-11 Choose your template wisely: Before you start working on your website, make sure you choose a template that best suits your business needs. You can’t switch a template midway through the editing process so think about this carefully before you decide which template is the right one for you. Learn more>>  and more>>
 monile icons-12 Get expert advice from the Wix Blog: The Wix Blog is a great resource for anyone interested in taking their Wix site to the next level. Follow the blog for great web design and small business tips, as well as for exciting updates on new features. You can subscribe to the Wix Blog by entering your email address to the “Subscribe” form on the blog’s top right side bar.
 monile icons-01 Be mobile: If your site is not available for mobile viewing you are losing lots of visitors, my friend. Make sure you optimize your site for mobile devices and that you add the Mobile Action Bar, to allow your visitors to browse your mobile site with ease. Learn more>>
 monile icons-06 Add an attractive Facebook thumbnail image: This is the image that will appear every time you or someone else shares a link to your site on Facebook. A customized thumbnail pic that looks professional is likely to yield a lot more clicks. Learn more>>
monile icons-13 Enhance your site images: Get the most out of the visuals you upload to your website by optimizing them with the Image Editor. You can add effects, filters and manipulations that will make the images more attractive or more suitable for your website design. Learn more>>
 monile icons-14 Site History has your back! All past edits you’ve made to your website are saved to the Site History section. If you’d like to restore an older version of your site, one click will do the trick. Learn more>>
 monile icons-10 SEO Matters: Don’t forget to update your SEO info, both for your entire site AND for each page separately. Strong SEO settings will boost your ranking on search engine results, leading to a direct increase in visitors. Learn more>>
monile icons-06 Add the Facebook Like Pop Up App: Great way to collect more Likes and get your brand name out there on Facebook. This app will immediately appear on the screen when a visitor lands on your site. Learn more>>
monile icons-15 Your sites can move from one account to another! If you’re a power user working on multiple site and designing Wix sites for clients, this feature is extremely valuable for your work. It allows you to build a complete website and then transfer it to the client’s account for further updating and review. Learn more>>
 monile icons-16 Use multiple images of products: Online shoppers like to make educated choices. You can help them by uploading more than one photo of the products you sell on your online store. Make sure you use images that show the product from different angles, as well as photos that show the product in use. Learn more>>
 monile icons-17 Choose a steady and smart domain name: Your site’s domain name is as important as the brand name itself. Choose a name that is easy to understand and that best represents your website. You want to have a name that stays relevant for the long-term, not one that follows current fads. Learn more>>
 monile icons-13 High quality images only, please! If you want to be taken seriously by your audience you need to follow professional standards and use high-quality images. If you really want to show a photo that was taken in low resolution, make sure you adjust the size so that it doesn’t appear grainy and blurred. Learn more>> and more>>
monile icons-18 Lock site elements and avoid extra work: Locking site elements like images, icons, text boxes, etc., means that they cannot be moved around in the editor. After you’re finished working on an element, make sure you lock it in its place so you don’t accidentally move it across the screen while you’re editing. Learn more>>
 monile icons-19 Find your ambassadors: A recommendation or testimonial from a happy client is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can have. By displaying testimonials and reviews on your website, you turn your previous clients into ambassadors that vouch for your brand. Learn more>>
 monile icons-20 Is your site readable? It’s unfortunate when a site owner spends so much time and effort designing their website, only to neglect the crucial aspect of readability. For starters, you need to choose a clear font and use a reasonable font size. Then, make sure the background doesn’t clash with the text boxes and makes them illegible. And, of course, keep your text organized on your page in a way that makes sense for the average reader to follow. Learn more>>  and more>>


You’re now ready to create your first website! Browse through Wix’s outstanding website templates and find the perfect one for you. Once making your choice click “Edit” to start designing your website!

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