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Ideas & Inspiration \ DEC 22nd 2014

Beautiful Photography Websites to Dazzle Your Senses

Any serious photographer in the digital age needs a powerful online portfolio to showcase their works. An accessible and attractive photography website is the best way to catch the eye of new audiences and potential clients.

Wix is proud to offer photographers the ultimate solution for creating an online portfolio. With our beautiful and intuitive website templates, photographers can easily design a perfect website to displays their creations. Whether you want a clever and unique message or a simple and beautiful design – Wix has your back!

Just to give you an idea of what we’re talking about, we gathered a list of superb photography websites that were created with Wix. We also added the link to the original template so that you can see what changes the users have made in the editing process. As these examples clearly show, creativity has no limits.

Barely Tomorrow >>
Created from Street Photography Template >>

Sabrina Kelley is a Portland-based photographer with a distinct feel for capturing nature and landscapes. She’s also very gifted with portrait photography.

Hundeling Photography
Created from Photographers Dream Template >>

German photographer Lars Hundeling likes to take his camera to trips in urban landscapes and in the great outdoors. The results are inspiring.

Hundeling Photography

Interior Photo >>
Created from Photo Studio Template >>

Egor Piaskovsky’s specialty is shooting indoors and interiors, and anyone with some experience in this challenging field will know to appreciate his amazing talent.

Interior Photo

Lilb Photographe >>
Created from Romantic Photography Template >>
Whether he’s shooting children’s portraits or spectacular food dishes, Laurence Laverdiére knows how to emphasize the essence of his photography object and make it stand out.

Midhat Poturovic – Photo Journalist >>
Created from Photography Showcase Template >>

Midhat Poturovic’s photojournalism is just mind-boggling. He has a way to tell a story in one photograph that leaves an immediate impact with the viewer.

photographers portfolio8

Sebastian Milito >>
Created from Photojournalist Template >>
This acclaimed photographer learned how to master the camera in one of the most inspiring spaces for any visual artist – New York City. His portfolio is a glorious travel through a variety of urban scenes.

Sebastian Milito

Simone Chiarantini >>
Created from Food Photography Template >>
This young photographer from Rome traveled all over the world and captured his experiences with his camera. A really cool section of his website shows where on the globe his images were taken.

Tamara Gray Photography >>
Created from Minimal Photos Template >>
We love Tamara Gray’s dream-like style that has a distinct mark, whether she’s shooting a wedding or a landscape. We also love how she uses the tile display on her homepage to create a collage of her own work.

Zoo – O – Grafie >>
Created from Street Photography Template >>
Munich-based Annette Wagner’s takes breathtaking photos of wildlife scenes and of sculptures. Her portfolio is hypnotizing and the life that she instills in her works makes them extremely powerful.

Zoo - O - Grafie

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