Get Amazing Bigstock Images for your Website Directly from the Wix Editor!

The web is becoming a more visual medium and using top-notch images on your website is crucial to making it stand out.  Great images not only draw people in, they hold their attention and create a lasting impression.  But finding high quality images for your website can be tough, time-consuming and costly.

This is exactly where Bigstock, our new and exciting partner, comes in – letting you get the best photos, in zero time and a great price. Because Bigstock is integrated directly into the Wix Editor, their huge collection of affordable, accessible and high quality images is available right when you need them: when designing your Wix website.

Bigstock is a fast, easy-to-use marketplace for quality stock images. With over 21 million royalty-free photographs from talented photographers and artists around the globe, it’s safe to say that no matter what industry you’re in, Bigstock has you covered.

Let’s Talk Bigstock Awesomeness:

1. Best value for money. BigStock images will be available to Wix users for the competitive price of $2.99 per image. This is a great deal that lets you get more for your money!

2. Location, location, location! You can access Bigstock’s impressive image bank directly from the Wix Editor and instantly purchase any images you like. This saves you the time and distraction involved in locating images elsewhere and keeps you focused on the creative process.

3. No subscription = Pay As You Go. Unlike stock images websites where you need to buy a subscription, purchasing Bigstock images through the Wix Editor doesn’t require registration or committing to a monthly subscription. Simply browse and choose images whenever you like and pay on the go.

4. Killer Images. Did we already mention how beautiful the visuals are? Here are a few examples that give an idea of the kind of quality you can expect when purchasing images through Bigstock.

Looking forward to seeing your sites get even better with this powerful new addition to the Wix platform!

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