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Web Design \ NOV 11th 2014

17 Badass Websites – All Started from the Same Bridal Template

Here comes the bride, all dressed in white… or red.. or whatever she wants because it’s her day! Just like every bride has her own unique look on her wedding day, every website built with our Bridal Boutique template has its own individual look and feel.

While this template may have been originally designed as the go-to choice for bridal boutiques to show off elegant gowns and accessories, this stylish & versatile design can really be used for just about anything. Need proof? Just take a look at how Atelier VHN used the edgy geometric grid on the template’s homepage and gave it a darker look and feel for their jewelry collection.

Thinking about putting your own spin on one of our customizable templates? Take a look at these 17 totally unique websites. From weddings, to high fashion, to a personal digital resume, it’s hard to believe that they once started off looking exactly the same. But seeing, is believing:

The Bridal Boutique >>

The Bridal Boutique Template

Genie Gala >>

Genie Gala

Makayla O Designs >>

Makyla O

Camisones Icha >> 

Icha Camisones

Wilsonpk >>

Wilson PK

Miran Vintashe >>

Miran Vintashe

Maiden Clothing >>

Maiden Clothing

Ries >>


Atelier VHN >>

Atelier VHN

Rachael Fraser >>

Rachael Fraser

Blessd Jewels >>

Blessd Jewels


Vinterhoff >>


Julie Sype >>

Julie Sype

Satisfy Your Style >>

Satisfy Your Style

Hailey Adickes Hair >>

Hailey Adickes

Vincent and Jodi >>

bridal boutique17

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