10 Gmail Tricks that Will Turn Your Life Around

How many emails do you get a day? Five, fifty, one hundred? Whatever the number, there’s a good chance that a big chunk of your communication comes in through your email inbox. With so many mails bombarding your inbox daily, it can be hard to stay on top of it all.

If your email inbox gets cluttered faster than a teenager’s bedroom, we’ve got some handy tips to make things a little more manageable. Here’s our list of our favorite Google Labs & shortcuts to make you the master of your inbox.

Connect Your Google Calendar to Your Website If you’ve got great events that you wouldn’t want people to miss out on, you can create a designated Gmail Calendar and connect it right to your website! Now any event that you add to the calendar will appear on your website for the world to see! Check out the Gmail Calendar App.

Do you find yourself sending the same email over and over again? There’s an easy solution: you can save time by adding quick response filters to your email. Let clients know you’ll “be right there” or send your most popular promotions at a click of a button;  just make sure to write your responses in your own words so that they don’t come off as insincere. Look for the ‘Canned Response’ Lab in your Gmail Settings to enable this feature, or watch this quick tutorial to learn how to add this feature to your Gmail.

Vacation Emails Out of the office for a day? Taking an exotic adventure to clear your mind from all things internet? Just because you’re away from your desk, doesn’t mean you need to avoid your inbox altogether. Let your clients and friends know what you’re up to (and that they shouldn’t panic when you don’t respond as fast as usual) by enabling an automatic out of office (OoO) message. Not all OoO emails need to be boring – be bold and try something creative like these guys did.

To add an automatic vacation response: Go to your Gmail settings – Scroll down on the ‘General’ tab until you see the Vacation responder. Now set the date range and write an awesome message that will automatically send out to anyone who’s tried to contact you in that time.

Keyboard Shortcuts If you’re checking your email from a desktop screen, you can save time by using your keyboard to skip around your inbox. Here’s a full list of Gmail shortcuts.

UNDO! Having second thoughts about an email you just wrote? Gmail Labs has an awesome undo button that gives you around 10 seconds to take back that message you just hit send on. How do you see it? When you hit the ‘Send’ button on your outgoing email, there will be a confirmation bar (in yellow) at the top of your inbox and you’ll have the option to ‘Undo’.  Now if only everything in life had that option…

Create Your Personal Email Address If your website is your online home, then it’s only natural that your home and online mailbox match. Create a personal email address to give your business a more professional online touch. And as a bonus… purchasing your own personalized Gmail account is easy when you do it directly from Wix.

Here’s how to create your own personalized website email: > Log into your Wix account > Click the ‘Subscriptions’ tab in your header menu > Select ‘Mailboxes’ and choose the plan that fits you best.

Filter Your Inbox Have certain messages that you’d rather have skip your inbox or special emails that you want to group together? Add a filter to your email inbox so they don’t distract you from more important incoming messages. Adding a filter is easy, simply go to your Gmail settings, click the ‘Filters’ tab, and fill out the form based on your specifications. Now any email with your selected keywords, or mails from certain senders will go to a special designated folder in your email. Like your trash bin, for example.

Spot the Scam Not sure if the email you received is genuine? Find out if you actually owe a payment or if this is a case of a questionable “Nigerian Prince” by adding an authentication icon to your emails.  Now a yellow key will appear next to emails from senders that sometimes get posed as by spammers like, Paypal or Ebay. Look for the ‘Authentication icon for verified senders’ lab under the ‘Labs’ tab of your Gmail settings.

Make your email signature more fun with a gif. Give your email signature a fun personalized touch by adding pics or gifs to the bottom of your emails. Gifs and images can simply be copied and pasted into the Signature Box of your General inbox settings.

Create Your Own Email Newsletter You spend enough time in your inbox to know that email marketing can be one of the best ways to reach your friends or clients when you want to make an announcement. If you’ve got a Wix website, you can create an awesome email newsletters right from your website account with Wix ShoutOut. Not only is creating your newsletter super easy, but you can also import your Gmail contacts with a click of a button.

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