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10 Christmas Gifts You Want to Add to Your Shopping List

At this point of the year you’re either feeling the shopping frenzy all around you or you’re repressing it and leaving it for the very last minute. Either way, the following list will be very useful.

Shopping for Christmas presents can definitely be fun, but it can also be stressful and challenging. Will your over-judgmental aunt like her gift? What can you get your geek-chic friend who already has every single gadget on the market? Do you really need to get something for everyone in the office?

To help you deal with the dilemmas of the Holiday Season, we prepared a list of 10 awesome gifts you can shop for online. Below you will find links to gorgeous online stores (all created with Wix.com – FYI!). Browse through the list to find original, fun and stylish gifts that will score you high points with your friends, family and colleagues.

Remember: It’s the thought that counts, but it counts even more when accompanied by a sweet present.

Miranda Co. >>

Deer-themed pillows to snuggle with by the fire place? Nothing says winter better.

Miranda Co.

Urban Rustic Knitwear >>

Staying warm AND stylish with these beautiful knit wear.

Urban Rustic Knitwear

Miko Design >>

For kids and grownups alike, these cute hand-made dolls make a superb gift.

Miko Design

Superlora >>

Give your loved ones the gift of the future with 3D printed jewelry!


Ridenow >>

You can never go wrong with a cool T-shirt.


Infuse Vodkas >>

Every family has at least one member who will be more than happy to get premium vodka for Christmas.

Infuse Vodkas

Poppy Packs >>

If your friends are hard to shop for, try getting something for their dog instead!

Poopy Packs

Super Radicool >>

These personalized coloring books win the first prize for the most original gift. Plus they’re super fun and keep the kids occupied when the adults go into their food coma!

Supper radicool

Payton’s Emporium >>

Classics never fail. Retro Christmas ornaments are a safe and adorable option for a holiday gift.

shopping for christmas9

PG Sales Store >>

Throw away all the boring brown socks, ’tis the season for funky socks!

PG Sales Store

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