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Web Design \ OCT 10th 2014

Great Content, Gorgeous Design: 14 Blogs Created with Wix

Bloggers who come to Wix with a desire to express themselves online and share their knowledge and expertise with others find a blogging platform that is both simple to manage and rich in features and styles. Yet it is the creativity of these bloggers that accounts for the awesome blogs they end up launching.

Ever since we added free blog templates, we’re continuously seeing Wix Blogs getting better and better. Blogging is sometimes thought of as an easy hobby in the digital era, but designing a beautiful layout, coming up with original writing themes and regularly publishing interesting blog posts is hardly an easy task.

This is why we want to salute the following 14 bloggers for the amazing work they are doing on their Wix blogs. Blogging is one of coolest aspects of current online culture, and these blogs truly are a great example of that.

Knead Pasta Project >>

Knead Pasta Project


Sam Travels Europe >>

Sam Travels Europe


Damanu >>



Business RTC >>

Business RTC


My Eunoia >>

My Eunoia


The Scran Line>>

The Scran Line


The Daily Details >>

The Daily Details


Martin’s Games >>

Martin's Games


Through My Denim Blues >>

Through My Denim Blues


Gypsy Pearls >>

Gypsy Pearls


Tokyo Architect >>

Tokyo Architect


Shuffled Sounds >>

Shuffled Sounds


Dumbbell Bee >> 

Dumbbell Bee


The Forest Cantina >>

The Forest Cantina

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