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9 Things People Around the World Care About Most

Last week we launched a campaign that empowers people to actively change reality as they know it. Through a special website, our CREATE campaign lets people design stars, place them in a virtual galaxy and dedicate their creation to the people that inspire them most. Those stars will then become a part of history on November 1st, when we light up the New York City skyline for a spectacular starry night.

Five days into the campaign and we’re blown away by the amazing dedications we’ve seen. People from over 190 different countries have created and dedicated new stars in our virtual galaxy. Though worlds apart, one thing’s clear: all of these dedications tell interesting and moving stories about each and every person’s life. No matter where in the world they’re from, these dedications tell the story of what people care about the most:

  1. Love
    dedication-blog-love3 dedication-blog-love2 dedication-blog-love1
  2. Family
    dedication blog family_newdedication-blog-family2dedication-blog-family1
  3. Friends
    dedication-blog-friends3 dedication-blog-friends2 dedication-blog-friends1
  4. Inspiration
    dedication-blog-inspiration3 dedication-blog-inspiration2 dedication-blog-inspiration1
  5. Tolerance
    dedication-blog-tolerance1 dedication blog tolerance_newdedication-blog-tolerance2
  6. Animals
    dedication-blog-animals3 dedication-blog-animals1dedication blog animals_new2
  7. Laughter

    dedication-blog-laughter1 dedication-blog-laughter2 dedication-blog-laughter3

  8. Music
    dedication blog music_new2dedication-blog-music2dedication blog music_new1
  9. Happiness
    dedication-blog-happiness3 dedication-blog-happiness2 dedication-blog-happiness1

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