7 Free Apps to Make Your Site THIS Much Prettier

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Looking to add some wow factor to your site? We’ve got just the thing to take your website above and beyond the standard website. The Wix App Market is home to hundreds of web apps that can take your website from bland to brilliant! And if you’re looking to add some extra polish and sparkle, there are plenty of apps that more than fit the bill.

Ready to make your website the envy of all of cyberspace? We’re going to shine a light on just a handful of free apps that will make your site look oh so pretty.


7 Free Apps to Make Your Site THIS Much Prettier

The Tint app is a one-stop-shop that takes your favorite social channels and combines their content into a beautifully laid out feed. It’s one of the most popular apps in the Wix App Market to date and it’s little wonder why: it’s visually stunning.

Tip: In order to keep this app looking its best, be sure to maintain the social channels it displays with regular updates and postings.

123 Form Builder

7 Free Apps to Make Your Site THIS Much Prettier

If you’re going to invite people to stay in touch, chances are they’ll be much more likely to do so when your contact form looks so professional and appealing. A veteran of the Wix App Market, this contact form has been a great option for years. And thanks to a recent face-lift, the results are pretty darn spectacular.

Tip: While this app does give you free range to ask for as many contact details as you’d like, being faced with a long form can be daunting. Stick only to the fields you really need, and don’t be afraid to customize the text to match the rest of your website’s voice.

Honeycomb Gallery

Adding a gorgeous gallery to your site is kind of like getting a really great haircut – it makes all of your features look even better. The Honeycomb Gallery is only one of many gallery options available through the Wix App Market, but it happens to be one of our favorites. Why? It’s a fresh and unexpected take on how to display your images.

Tip: We’re big fans of using this gallery with icons. Check out how Dreamdoggy.co did this for a really great example.

Rotary View

7 Free 7 Free Apps to Make Your Site THIS Much Prettier

Got products? This intuitive app makes displaying them on your site cooler by about 200%. Sure, you can go with a great product gallery and give tons of description (this is actually something we suggest) but did you know that you can offer your potential customers a full 360 degree view? With the help of this app, you totally can.

Tip: Play around with this app and give it a few gos before you publish the final shots. It’s only going to make a great impression if you take the time to execute the shots well.

Pinterest Feed

7 Free Apps to Make Your Site THIS Much Prettier

If you’re on Pinterest, there is absolutely no reason not to take advantage of this great app. It does a beautiful job of displaying all of your pins, not to mention, it allows your visitors to pin, tweet and share your pins.

Tip: As with any social element, this app will look its best when its updated regularly. But since pinning is so much fun, it’s not really work, right? Check out this post for more best practices for your business’s Pinterest page.

Media Gallery

7 Free Apps to Make Your Site THIS Much Prettier

This little powerhouse creates a gallery that’s jam-packed with all the good stuff: your photos, videos, blog posts, event pages and more! It all gets laid out in a clean grid and is a real treat for the eyes. It even has built-in links so you can share on all your favorite social media channels.

Tip: It has a mobile responsive design that makes it look great on any device – so make sure you’ve set up the mobile version of your site to compliment it.


7 Free Apps to Make Your Site THIS Much Prettier

While this app isn’t technically one that gets displayed on your website, it’s a great teaser to show just how lovely your site is. With ShoutOut, you can send beautiful newsletters to your contacts (including the ones that signed up through your 123 Form Builder) and keep them coming back to your site for more. Best of all, it’s beyond easy to use.

Tip: While there are so many amazing styles to choose from, do your best to customize your newsletters to reinforce your website’s motif and branding.

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