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Wix News \ OCT 30th 2014

4 Social Media Campaigns That Put the Heart Back Into Marketing

Almost everyone has a daily routine. For most people, this usually consists of getting up, going to work, coming home to sleep, and repeating. Add in all the other things life throws your way and it can be easy to miss the extraordinary things that happen around us. There is so much good going on – and sometimes it takes something special to make us stop for a moment and notice it.

Here are four of the most inspirational recent campaigns that shined a light (or a star) on the good stuff that’s out there, and the people that create it.


The Wix platform was built with a simple goal in mind: let people create a professional grade website, without needing to know any code, and without having to pay for it. But since being founded in 2006, the Wix platform has become so much more. We want to give people the power to run their entire business online, and create something they’re proud of. But it wasn’t enough; why stop at websites? The CREATE campaign is here to inspire and let people know they shouldn’t settle for ordinary when they can create something as spectacular as stars in the sky. With customization of the design and placement, you can dedicate your star to someone special, and then share it to let them know. And on Novemeber 1st, for one magical night, you can join us in NYC’s Madison Square Park and put your stars into the New York City skyline, for a uniquely starry night.

Results: This campaign is still live, so the results are still rolling in. Since it got started on October 22nd, it’s seen over 64,000 stars created and the results have not only been stunning, but heart warming.

Immortal Fans

This campaign took two very different things and brought them together to solve a major issue, and in a beautiful way. Brazil faces a serious lack of organ donors and the wait time for transplants had become longer than people had time for. The Immortal Fans campaign had the genius idea of touching on the Brazilian city of Recife’s football fans and their true love for their team – so much so that they want their love to live on, even after they pass. Getting an organ donor card and registering was made simple, and people wasted no time getting on board and doing their part to save the lives of their fellow fans.

Results: With over 66,000 organ donor cards distributed, this campaign reduced the organ transplant waiting list in Recife to almost zero. The campaign continues to be a huge success.

The Light of Human Kindness

The city of Richmond, Virginia is full of history, and this campaign has certainly become a part of it. During the RVA Street Art Festival, Patience Salvado wanted to take part by connecting the community through celebrating acts of kindness. The project took off and brought together art, poetry, technology, and most importantly: people. They created an amazing mural with conductive paint panels, 1000 LED lights, and even an app where they could post their acts of kindness, for a completely interactive experience.

Results: A stunning mural and light show wasn’t all that was created – so many beautiful stories of human kindness came pouring in for all to read. See them here for a dose of human goodness.

Really Friends

Take a moment and think: how many of your Facebook friends do you actually consider friends? How many of them do you talk to and spend time with? Nescafe France took more than a moment, and they sent Arnaud, a guy with lots of Facebook friends, on a mission to invite his Facebook ‘friends’ to share a coffee with him. The events that followed were caught on his GoPro camera, and they did not disappoint. Nescafe put it into a nice little tag line: “It all starts with a Nescafe” turning something like a cup of coffee, into a symbol of true connections.

Results: Besides creating a beautiful 2 hour web documentary, the campaign not only put Arnaud in [real] touch with his friends, but it also inspired so many others to do the same.

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