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Promote Your Site \ SEP 10th 2014

5 Quick Tips to Triple Your Facebook Posts’ Reach

Every Facebook page manager knows the feeling of publishing a great post, expecting huge success, refreshing the page every two minutes in the hope of seeing new Likes, Shares or Comments, and ending up pretty frustrated. Why would a fun, witty, creative and interesting post not get the attention it deserves?

The answer lies in reach. Literally. You want to increase your page posts reach so that they end up on the timelines of people who are currently not following your updates. This is the most effective way to spread your message to larger audiences and get more exposure for your business, your organization, your service or your portfolio.

But any experienced page manager also knows that increasing post reach requires some effort and thought. We’re here to help you with that! Check out the Wix quick tips for significantly increasing your Facebook posts’ reach:

5 Quick Tips to Triple Your Facebook Posts’ Reach

1. Know When to Post

Are you randomly publishing posts whenever you have a few minutes to spare? While this is better than not posting regularly at all, it will only get you so far. Timing matters! Familiarize yourself with your target market’s Facebook habits and aim to post during the busiest hours. You can use a scheduling tool (like Buffer) to make sure you don’t miss out on the best time slots.

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2. Encourage Action

When Facebook users like, share or comment on your content, their Facebook timeline generates a post as well, so everytime you gain this type of engagement your post gets extra exposure. Be proactive about it by eliciting actions from your followers. For instance, a musician could post a question about people’s favorite venue, while an NGO might directly ask people to share their posts to support a cause.

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3. Be Visual

The power of strong images is undeniable. Think about how people skim through their Facebook feed. You want your posts to stand out in all that “noise.” One of the most effective ways to do that is to post visuals that immediately attract the viewer’s gaze. We don’t mean you have to use only art photography. The idea is to catch their eye and make them pause. You may choose images that are funny, unusual, touching, impressive or even ridiculous.

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4. Don’t Be Predictable

If you want to excite people with your content and encourage them to interact with your posts, try to step out of the comfort zone of expected tricks and shticks. Facebook users are exposed to an enormous amount of content. If you can surprise them with original and creative posts they are more likely to show their appreciation with a Share or a Like.

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5. Use Friendly Settings

What’s the point of being active on social media if you’re not really social? If you want people to talk to you and about you, make sure your page settings are optimized for a flowing conversation. For instance, how about allowing people to tag themselves or their friends in your posts? Or allow Facebook users to publish their own content to your page?

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