Outside of the Box: 20 Niche Websites Ideas

The one positive thing about a difficult economy is that it encourages resourceful entrepreneurship, and the web is the ideal space for cultivating and expressing this burst of creativity. We are witnessing today a surge of localization and specialization trends. Small business owners and freelance professionals are coming up with new ideas for services and products that cater to the specific needs or interests of niche groups.

Wix is proud to offer these creative thinkers a website builder for establishing a professional and effective online presence by themselves and according to their budget needs. Embracing the DIY spirit that motivates these entrepreneurs, we give visionaries the tools to create a Wix website and realize their dream.

To give you an example of how innovative these ventures are we gathered together 20 types of websites that are doing an extraordinary job at promoting extraordinary ideas. Truly inspiring stuff.

Boultbee – Flight Academy >>

Stitchology – Sewing Parlor and Fabric Boutique >>

Banya – Authentic Russian Baths for Urban Dwellers>>

Daniela Reko – Online Oracle >>

Fly Studios – Kids Arial Arts >>

The Ring Tree – Rings from Coins >>

Photo Booth Fever >>

Susie Frazier – Reclaimed Jewelry and Accessories  >>

Hangers – Personalized Hangers by Chelsea >>

Podz UK – Revolutionary Spaces >>

Revolution The Show – Beatlemania Back on the Stage >>

Illustration Station – Live Illustration Service >>

Boos Recycling – Eco Metal Solutions>>

Andrey Pavlov – Ant Photographer >> 

Ace Parade – Event for Car Enthusiasts >>

Creepies -Little Scary Dolls >>

Scandia Moss – Scandinavian Flora for Indoors>> 

Toucan – Aerial Photography and Videography >>

Cats Go Raw – Homemade Raw Food Diet for Pets >> 

Bon Puf – Cotton Candy Heaven >>

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