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Web Design \ SEP 9th 2014

Meet Wix Expert Web Designer Antonio of Unraveled Media

You may not know this, but Wix isn’t just a great DIY tool for folks who want to create a beautiful website. Wix’s web design platform is also a tool of choice for professional web designers who wish to expand their services by offering perfectly affordable websites that are easy and fast to build. One of these web designers is Antonio, owner of NY-based Unraveled Media design studio, who offers custom-built Wix websites to an international clientele.

Antonio is a long standing member of the Wix Arena, an online marketplace that connects professional Wix designers with potential clients from all over the world. Antonio has many Wix websites under his belt which makes him a trusted authority on web design. Here are some of the tips he was willing to share with us for working as a web designer and building Wix sites:

Unraveled Media on Wix Arena

What’s the first step you take when creating a website?

Before starting anything, I first identify the type of style that is sought after. I do this by sending some examples of sites I’ve completed that all have different styles. I also ask the client to send me any websites or materials that they like the look and feel of.

Do you have a favourite design trend of the season?
My current favorite is the full-width site that makes use of anchors. The great thing is now that Wix has anchor capability, we’re able to create sites that follow this style! (ex: https://www.tanaesthetics.com)

Tan Aesthetics

Where do you find your design inspiration from?
I find inspiration from many different places – from established blogs and websites that I land upon or from theme template sites. Sometimes Googling “best designed website for (insert industry here)” will yield some inspirational results!

What’s the best web design tip you can share with our users?
Less is more. Often times, clients like to add more colors, more widgets, more everything. This clutters design, slows down websites, and doesn’t offer a great visitor experience. Focus on clean, concise, and clutter-free design to provide the best user experience. Successful websites are built with the site visitors in mind, so the site should be built to reflect that.

Just Breathe

What’s the most common design mistake that you see in web design that you’d like to eliminate?
Lack of “cleanliness” – which really ties back to the last question. Colors, apps, and images all have their place on a website, but remember that less is more! For example, www.massage-bodyworks.com is a site I redesigned to have a “clean” look.

What’s your tip for keeping a website looking fresh without having to redesign the site?
You can keep a website fresh by updating content, especially media content (photos and videos). Adding a blog or a social feed is also an easy way to keep fresh content rolling i4n.

Acujin Holistic Therapies

Why do you like using Wix?
I love using Wix because of it’s ease-of-use. Also, Wix is the only true drag and drop editor which allows us to virtually create any design without getting into the code of the site. Other editors force the use of templates unless you have knowledge of editing style sheets, and I find Wix is much more intuitive.

What’s your favorite Wix feature of the moment and why?
Personally, I like the varying image gallery styles available. Making use of the right type of gallery can really make a difference in your website.

Bocce League of Rochester

What’s your favourite Wix website that you designed and why?
There’s many, but I’m going to have to go with scalp-aesthetics.com. This website shows how much you can truly achieve using the Wix editor. I was able to bring to life the vision of Scalp Aesthetics and do so in a shorter time frame and at a fraction of the cost if they were to go somewhere else.

Scalp Aesthetics

What’s your biggest challenge in working with clients and how do you overcome it?
Communication is key to overcome most obstacles. Because I work with most of my Wix clients through email, communication itself can become an obstacle, so being clear on the direction of the site, workflow, and expectations (on both ends), help build a strong relationship and a great end-result.


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