The Wix Bible for Using the HTML App

The Wix Bible for Using the HTML App

A great thing about creating your website with Wix is that you don’t need to know about coding and programming. We provide you with a straightforward platform where you can add and remove elements to your site with a simple click of a button.

But what happens when you want to introduce a tool or a piece of content that isn’t offered in the Wix editor? Is it still possible to introduce external features into a Wix website? The answer is simple: absolutely! Using the HTML App, you can integrate apps, media and content that are hosted through other websites and services.

The Wix Bible for Using the HTML App

HTML What?!

If you think about it in terms of art, the HTML App allows you to paste a really nice photo that you found somewhere into a larger artwork that you’re working on. Your artwork in this case is your very own website.

You can decide whether the external content gets an entire page on your website or whether you want it to appear on a page alongside other tools, images or text. You can also determine the size of it, stretching or shrinking it like any other element in the Wix editor.

There are two methods you can use to embed external elements into your site with the HTML App:

iFrame embedding using a website URL that will display the content of a website separate to yours. This is useful if you’re interested in presenting an entire web page, like a Wikipedia article or an IMDB profile, directly on your site.

iFrame embedding using a website URL

HTML Code embedding using the actual code of any HTML content. This is useful if you want to integrate a service that is useful to your website and cannot be found on the editor or in the Wix App Market.

HTML Code embedding using the actual code of any HTML content

Here’s a short video that will guide you through the process of adding with both of these modes:

Create a website

Creative Features You Can Add to Your Site with the HTML App:

There are many wonderful uses for the HTML App. Here are just a few examples of what you can do with it:

Facebook Embedded Posts which allow you to display your and other people’s Facebook posts indepedently of the entire timeline.

Facebook Embedded Posts

Audio and video players and playlists. Virtually all media sharing websites offer embedding options for their content.

Reviews of your products or services from any review website.

Prezi or SlideShare presentations.

 SlideShare presentations

Chat rooms or forum discussions from external platforms in which you’re active.

Online articles or interviews about your company or your website.

Currency converters, calculators, and other finance utility tools.

Twitter feeds that display your recent tweeting activities.

Polls, quizzes or surveys.

Documents from online storage services like Dropbox or Google Docs.

Some things to keep in mind about the HTML App:

When you add external HTML code, you are adding products and code that hasn’t been tested or created by Wix. This means our support team might not be able to answer questions about the content you add via the HTML App. That’s why we recommend testing your code externally. You can do this using sites like these:

Videos and media players added through the HTML App will not auto-stop when you move through the pages of your site. No big deal though, you can manually stop your video from playing before navigating to the next page.

The total characters you can add to the HTML code is 8,192 – more than enough to have fun with.

Are you embedding external content with the HTML App? Share the link so we can all see!

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