Email Marketing Pros: 10 Great Newsletters Created with Wix ShoutOut

Many of you are probably familiar with one of our star features to recently be released from the Wix Lab: Wix ShoutOut, the ultimate email marketing tool. ShoutOut allows Wix users to create and distribute professional and beautiful newsletter directly from the Wix dashboard.

ShoutOut is a wonderful tool for designing newsletters that correspond to the branding and messaging that you have on your Wix site. Plus, it follows the Wix philosophy of simplicity and friendliness, providing any internet user with an easy solution for sending emails to wide distribution lists.

As soon as we released ShoutOut a couple of months ago, Wix users all over the world rushed to try out the latest feature and to send out gorgeous newsletters to their clientele, their readership, their friends or followers. From this multitude of wonderful newsletters, we chose 10 especially great ones that we would like to share with our readers.

If you’re thinking about setting up a newsletter, these 10 examples will surely serve you well as a source of inspiration. Oh, and you might also be interested in reading these posts too:

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Let’s check out those marvelous ShoutOut newsletters!

Coco Avenue

This lovely fashion and accessories website (you have to check out their stunning logo) updated the clientele on special back-to-school deals with a cute and effective email:

Michelle Qureshi

Professional musician Michelle Qureshi invites her audience to join her for local shows. A simple message that is strengthened by the beautiful and colorful photo:

Stayia Farm

The premium quality from Stayia Farm’s artisan products is also present in their promotional methods. Check out their gorgeous website and the news update they sent with ShoutOut about their company’s success in Harrods’ department store:


While this email won’t be very clear to the non-German readers out there, you’ll still be impressed with the delicate and friendly design that this real estate company chose for their newsletter:

Kelsie Gibson

Kelsie Gibson’s passion for hairstyling is so visible throughout her website and online promotion materials. When a professional lets their love of their trade show it becomes a powerful marketing tool, as we can see here:

Latelier Peinture

A look into an artist’s studio will excite any art enthusiast, and that is exactly what this French painting studio is giving their readership in this newsletter. Notice how the image captures your eye right away, and at the same time creates a sense of familiarity:

JMK Publicist

When you run a PR business, email marketing will inevitably become an important tool to reach your goals. So far JMK Publicist is definitely doing a great job:

Katie Hollis

This lovely email, combining a personal message with a video one, is a wonderful example of how to create an email for a large list of recipients but still keeping a very personal touch:

All 4 Paws Rescue

Announcing an important event with an email update is a smart idea, especially if you time the email distribution correctly. Check out this example and see how All 4 Paws Rescue excite their followers about a Meet & Greet event:

Pascale Taurua

The striking image chosen for this newsletter will attract the attention even of those who cannot read the French text at all. This is the power of visual content in online marketing:

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