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Design Inspiration \ SEP 20th 2014

Own It! 18 Sites That Give New Meaning to the Same Template

Take a deep breath, and imagine yourself at an Island hotel… Waves crashing on the surf, the smell of the sweet ocean breeze… Now image that your relaxing island resort has been magically transformed into a villa on the lush Italian country side, or a thrilling ski resort, or a high energy dog walking service. (Say What?!)

Anything is possible when you create your website with the Island Hotel template! Not only does this template look great & use some of the hottest design trends of the moment, but it’s the first template of its kind to incorporate the new Wix Hotel booking system! The Wix Hotel Booking App lets you say goodbye to pricey booking engine fees & empower those in the hotel and hospitality industry to process bookings and reservations right from your own personal website.

Of course, don’t let not having your own B&B stop you from taking advantage of this beautiful template; like all Wix templates, you can fully customize this ready-made site to create the website of your dreams! To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve grouped together some great looking sites who started off with the same old template, but ended up taking on a life of their own.

Island Hotel >>

Island Hotel Template


Villa Chui >>

Own it - Island hotel2


Jamaican Friends >>

Own it - Island hotel3


Churwalden >>

Own it - Island hotel4


C + L Wedding >>

Own it - Island hotel5


Bloom of Blue >>

Own it - Island hotel6


GVC London >>

Own it - Island hotel7


I Am Real >>

Own it - Island hotel8


Bucheon Hotel >>

Own it - Island hotel9


Dog Tired San Diego >>

Own it - Island hotel10


Mountain State k9 Academy >>

Own it - Island hotel11


In the Pink a Capella >>

Own it - Island hotel12


Fiesta Blog Shop >>

Own it - Island hotel13


Deepen Your Breath >>

Own it - Island hotel14


Krabi Sands >>

Own it - Island hotel15


Haras Vale Da Raposa >>

Own it - Island hotel16


Farmer’s Juice Tokyo >>

Own it - Island hotel17


Downoak Abbey >>

Own it - Island hotel18

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