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Web Design \ AUG 13th 2014

Meet Wix Expert Web Designer magstar71 of Little Dot Design Studio

At Wix, we do our best to make the website creation process not only easy, but fun! And our technology isn’t just for business owners and freelancers with no design experience – it’s for pros, too. In fact there are so many professional web designers across the globe that use Wix to create beautiful and dynamic websites for their clients, that we created the Wix Arena. We decided that if someone would rather pay a pro to create their site for them, they should be certified and carry the Wix seal of approval.

We had a chat with Wix Arena pro designer Maggie Cook, and she shared some of her expertise and advice. Here’s what she had to say:

What’s the first step you take when creating a website?

Before I commence any website design, I first send my client a design brief questionnaire. This is imperative because you need to know your client’s vision – their website as well as their branding for their business needs to look seamless and professional. When clients aren’t sure what they want, I share my knowledge of design and what’s on trend and we go from there.
It’s all about showcasing the client’s website to the best potential.
After this initial correspondence, I’ll make a sketch and design a basic layout that is then sent for approval.

Saffy and Sage >>

Saffy and Sage

Do you have a favourite design trend of the season?

At the moment I really love the visual gallery websites that tell a story through imagery – and do so with little text. Sometimes visual creates the mood and says it all, put simply.
I think Wix’s varied choice of galleries are absolutely stunning and really make a great visual website in no time at all! I even redesigned my own website focusing on this concept of simple, visual galleries.

Little Dot Design Studio >>

Little Dot Design Studio

Where do you find your design inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from beautiful visual blogs, current fashion, timeless vintage inspired items and anything lovely visually!

Fringe Consignment Boutique >>

Fringe Consignment Boutique

What’s the best web design tip you can share with our users?

Keep it simple and stylish. Potential customers that visit your website need an easy experience. Lots of loud flashing colors that don’t mix with so much content all in one place and have too much going on isn’t the way to go.

What’s the most common design mistake that you see in web design that you’d like to eliminate?

Web pages that are overloaded and slow to load because the layout is not thought out properly.
You can have a content heavy website if it is organized in the right way, concise in page layout and easy to navigate.

Alison Henley Photography >>

Alison Henley

What’s your tip for keeping a website looking fresh without having to redesign the site?

Obviously pages like ‘about’ and ‘contact’ can more or less stay the same, but having a blog page is a brilliant way to freshen up your site. And Wix makes doing this super easy! Another fun way is to add apps that include your social media updates – they automatically refresh your website without even logging in to Wix!
See this website I designed as an example. It has social media feed right on the home page courtesy of the Tint App from the Wix App Market.

Belle Mariee Events >>

Belle Marine Events

Why do you like using Wix?

I love that I can create almost any type of website for any business – all with no complications. The HTML5 editor has so many apps that can add increased functionality to any site. And there’s always more being added!But I have to say, the best thing about Wix is that it lets the website owner be in complete control of their site. The majority of my clients want to be able to update their websites themselves at a time that’s convenient for them, and it really helps small business owners keep down costs.

What’s your favourite Wix web App of the moment and why?

Ooooh there are so many ! Currently I love the Wix ShoutOut App, that lets you send out beautiful newsletters to stay in touch with your clients.

What’s your biggest challenge in working with clients and how do you overcome it?

On the whole, most of my clients have been amazing. I like to think that good, clear communication is the right recipe for a fruitful client/designer relationship. Once you are both talking the same language, it all flows from there.


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