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Web Design \ AUG 1st 2014

Own It! 15 Amazing Sites Created from One Great Template

Designing a site using a website template has many advantages. The ready-made layout allows you to focus on your own content; the color scheme may work perfectly so that it requires no change; and the overall professional design of a good website template can be a source of inspiration as you’re creating your own website.

But some people are concerned that designing a website with a template will result in a cookie-cutter look, a site that resembles all the other sites that were designed with the same template. This concern is not unfounded but it can be easily dealt with.

In order to design a unique and individual website and still be able to use a template you need to be using a website editor that offers great freedom for customization. Wix’s drag and drop editor was created especially for that purpose, and our templates are designed by professional web designers and UX experts to guarantee maximum performance and a gorgeous look.

Now, once you have yourself a template that you want to work with, use it in a way that highlights YOUR brand or purpose. Be creative and customize it to fit your needs and goals. As we say in Wix – your website, your way.

Take a look at the Male Salon template – one of Wix’s finest and most popular templates. Below you will find 15 websites that were designed using this one template. Notice how these sites – all created by Wix users – retain a unique sense of style and statement. They all have the same origin but each developed into a singular beautiful website.

Male Salon Template >>

male salon


First Step Modelling >>

First Step Modelling


Freducation >>



Erika Dawn Fitness >>

Erika Dawn Fitness >>


Ecurie de Laurence >>

Ecurie de Laurence
Dustin Laurenzi >>

Dustin Laurenzi


Cardinal Matterfilm >>

Cardinal Matterfilm


Eli Walker Design >>

Eli Walker Design


Judy Yoon >>

Judy Yoon


Kara Jhonson | F Y Eye >>

Kara Johnson


Zattaro >>

Hope Care Management >>

Hope Care Management


Jeremy Collins >>

Jeremy Collins


Liz Casadidio >>

Liz Casadidio


Saxoman >>



Amstaff Thor >>

Amstaff Thor

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