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5 Life-Changing TED Talks for Personal Growth

Under the slogan “Ideas worth spreading”, TED talks have provided audiences all over the world with truly inspiring and engaging talks. In this format, leading experts, natural-born performers and innovative thinkers convey compelling and thought-provoking notions in brief on-stage presentations, some of which gain a legendary reputation online and offline.

The great thing about TED talks is that they often raise a counterintuitive or unexpected idea, confronting listeners with a new and interesting perspective. This approach of encouraging originality and curiosity is one that we believe in as a company, and one that we would like to share with our users. In this post, we collected five superb TED talks (and one that is really helpful). Give these videos a listen and we’re sure you’ll stumble upon some inspirational notes that will prove helpful in your professional and even personal life.

5 Life-Changing TED Talks for Personal Growth

Angela Lee Duckworth: The Key to Success? Grit

It’s amazing what you can learn from seventh graders. Angela Lee Duckworth worked as a math teacher and developed an interesting understanding of what it is that makes people successful. Spoiler: It has nothing to do with intelligence. Listen to her talk to learn more about the one thing that distinguishes life winners from everyone else.

Alan Iny: Reigniting Creativity in Business

Even the greatest minds know the frustration of trying to come up with a brilliant idea but constantly ending up with boring thoughts and a trash can filled with wasted paper. Alan Iny suggests a new perspective for reviving creativity in your business. Believe it or not, says Iny, the key to creativity is doubt. Watch this fascinating talk that encourages viewers to adopt a new approach to thinking “outside the box.”

Alan Iny: Reigniting Creativity in Business

Jill Bolte Taylor: My Stroke of Insight

When brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor experienced a stroke, she was facing a personal and a professional challenge, which she decided to turn into an opportunity. Using her knowledge and expertise, she is able to describe the experience of the stroke and recovery with unique clarity. Trust us, it’s not how you’d imagine a stroke would feel like. With charisma, insight and the help of a real human brain as a prop, Bolte Taylor delivers a presentation that will make you reassess your relationship with your own mind and consciousness.

Stella Young: I’m Not Your Inspiration, Thank You Very Much

Australian comedian and journalist, Stella Young, is tired of people expecting her to be an inspiring and motivational force. The fact that she is disabled and spends her life in a wheelchair, says Young, doesn’t mean that she has anything inspiring to share. Contrary to everything we’re used to hearing, Young insists that disabled people should be considered not as “achievements”, but simply as regular human beings. In its straightforwardness, this is an exceptional talk about what it means to be normal.

Harish Manwani: Profit’s Not Always the Point

Almost everything in our world teaches us that the end goal is always profit. Harish Manwani suggests a different model to think about our purpose in life. In order to create social value, not economic value, Manwani emphasizes the importance of responsibility in business and society. This is not an easy process, granted, but building on his own experience as COO of Unilever, Manwani has every reason to be optimistic.

And One Last Video to Hack Your Life…

David Pogue: 10 Top Time-Saving Tech Tips

We live our lives side by side with technology, but we rarely think about ways that can make our interaction with technology easier, faster and more efficient. In this talk, journalist and tech guru David Pogue introduces 10 small tricks that can make a big difference in your day-to-day life.

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