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Web Design \ JUL 2nd 2014

Why and How to Incorporate Flat Design into Your Website

When you first hear the term “flat design”, it may not sound all that good, but fact is that flat design is a dominant web design trend nowadays, and for very good reasons.

Flat design is based on two-dimensional aesthetic (hence flat). To give you an example, in non-flat web design, buttons often have a 3D look and you can actually visualize pressing them. This isn’t the case with flat web design, which relies largely on simple graphics and layouts.

how to incorporate flat design

What Are the Benefits of Flat Design?

There are several reasons behind the rise of flat design in the past few years. First off, it’s practical. Flat websites load faster than websites that feature animations and complex graphics.

Another reason is that flat design can be easily adjusted to various screen sizes. With mobile devices gaining more and more traction as web browsing tools, this is a huge advantage for website owners targeting both desktop and mobile users.

A third reason is related to the aesthetics of flat design. Simple and user-friendly layouts are the hallmark of flat design. Many designers and users are drawn to this simplicity and prefer it over grandiose designs. A clear indication of this preference was Apple’s decision to drop the old-school iOS design and adopt a cleaner look.

how to incorporate flat design2

How to Use Flat Design in Your Website

Using flat design can be a great way to show your audiences that you’re part of the ongoing “conversation” and understand the new conventions. Here are a few thinks you should do to make sure you’re on the right track:

1. Choose Simple Backgrounds: Forget about loud images or playful brick-wall patterns. In flat design, you need to stick to plain, smooth colors or very subtle color patterns.

how to incorporate flat design3

2. Ditch the Effects: No bevels, no gradients, no animated transitions. Flat design is all about avoiding anything that might add dimensions, depth or a sense motion to your design.

how to incorporate flat design4

3. Bring out the Icons: Flat design usually involves icons since they work well with the dogma of an easy, streamlined user experience. Integrate icons into your design, but make sure they are clear and simple to understand (otherwise, what’s the point?).

how to incorporate flat design5

4. Play with Shapes: Shapes are also popular in flat design. Circles, squares and lines are used not used only to improve the design, but also to create a clear division of content and a viewing hierarchy that helps viewers understand the page structure.

how to incorporate flat design6

5. Consider Bright Colors: The color palette of flat design is fresh, light and cheerful. Bright pinks, blues, greens and yellows are very common in this type of design. However, the colors should be used sparsely – not more than 2-3 a page.

how to incorporate flat design7

6. Make Navigating Basic: Navigation menus, buttons and all links should be made to look very simple. Remove effects like shadows or highlights from your navigation elements. Very often, flat design uses simple boxes for buttons, and in more minimal designs, uses nothing but the text itself.

how to incorporate flat design8

7. Emphasize Typography: With flat design, the words and text on your website get their 15 minutes of fame. This style encourages a bold and innovative use of typography because it perceives letters and characters as a highly important element of the design.

how to incorporate flat design9

8. Use Wix’s Flat Templates: Luckily for you, Wix has a couple of great website templates that were created with flat design in mind. Use these templates to create your site to save unnecessary time and effort:

Coming Soon template

Language School template

Mobile Marketing template

how to incorporate flat design10

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