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The Pinterest Guide for Small Business Websites

The Pinterest Guide for Small Business Websites

We love Pinterest to the point of obsession, and we devoutly keep the the Wix boards there active and fresh. But when Pinterest launched in 2010, not everyone was on board. In the social media world, Pinterest was always seen as an unusual network. A social platform that doesn’t revolve around the users’ lives but around beautiful visuals? Many observers were quick to label Pinterest a “niche community”, but with 70 million users (and growing!), Pinterest keeps strengthening its position as a major actor in the social scene, and it has a special appeal for business owners.

Pinterest-driven sales are on the rise, with Pinterest shoppers spending more than twice as much as shoppers on Facebook and Twitter. It’s clear that online retailers – especially in the fields of fashion, gastronomy, design, house & gardening and arts & crafts – should give Pinterest marketing a try.

With that in mind, we put together this guide to help small business owners establish a powerful Pinterest account. These five steps will put you on the right track towards enhancing your brand and increasing sales through Pinterest.

Wix on Pinterest

1. Maximize the Effect

Don’t get distracted by the pretty pictures on Pinterest! You’re here to work and promote your business, so let’s focus and make sure your pins get you real results. First of all, remember to add links to your website to each pin that you upload. If the image is taken directly from your site, use the link to a specific page. If not, add the link to your site’s homepage (and don’t forget to add credit links to images taken from other sites). Secondly, make sure your Pinterest activity is shared on Facebook and other social platforms that you’re active in. And lastly, if you upload original images that you created, watermark them gently (i.e. in a nonintrusive way) with your brand name or logo. That way they remain branded even if shared by others.

Add a Link to Your Site When Uploading an Image from the Computer

Gently Watermark Your Images

2. Pin to the Public

Frequent pinning to your own boards is important and valuable, and a great Pinterest tip for designers and brands alike. However, these pins have the limited reach of your own followers. Luckily, Pinterest offers a feature of group boards, allowing users to share their content to boards that are curated by a community. These boards typically have a broader audience than personal boards. On this page, you can find group boards that address related themes to that of your business and post your most attractive pins to them as well. Don’t forget to be respectful with your pinning habits on group boards. Spamming is a big no-no. Check out these successful group boards to get a sense of it:

Pie Ideas >>

Pie Ideas on Pinterest

Packaging Pick of the Day >> 

Packaging Pick of the Day

Colourful Life >>

Colourful Life

3. Curate with Care

Resharing content is a huge part of Pinterest. You’ll find many creative and fun images to pin by browsing through other users’ boards, and the community structure on Pinterest really encourages repinning as a social activity. However, when you choose the content that you repin from other boards you should do so with care and caution. Go for pins that you find compatible with your brand messaging instead of random images that look good. Before you click, ask yourself what added value your business can generate with this content.

Curate with Care

4. Be Informative

It’s true that Pinterest is first and foremost a visual network where images dominate over words, yet the images become even more powerful if they are accompanied by textual information that is somehow valuable to the viewers. For instance, a photo of a scrumptious smoothy is one thing, but a photo with a recipe is a whole other story. A piece of furniture may look beautiful in a photo, but if you add its dimensions and the materials used to make it, the viewer can already start picturing it in their own home. A lovely blouse would get you far, but a photo of a blouse with recommendations for matching accessories will get you even further.

Be Informative, Ad Relevant Info to your Pins

5. Don’t Forget the Community

Social connections on Pinterest do not end with repinning. When users follow your boards, like your pins or repin your posts, we recommend that you visit their profile and show your appreciation by liking or following their content as well. Make sure to reply on comments that you receive, and keep a welcoming and friendly tone. Keeping your finger on the pulse of your Pinterest community also gives you the opportunity to explore their boards and pins. It’s a great way to learn more about your target audience and what appeals to them.

Have You Tried All the Wix Features for Pinterest Users Yet?

Now that you’re familiar with the ins and outs of Pinterest you can start experiencing it on your own. As you make your first steps there, be sure to check out the tools and features that will bring your Wix website together with your pinboards.

In the Wix editor, click Add, choose Social, and from there you can add the following features:

The Pin It Button can be placed on every image or product page, encouraging your site visitors to share your content on their own Pinterest boards.

Pin It Button

The Pin Share tool allows you to highlight a specific pin from your board directly on your website.

Pin Share

The Pinterest Follow button invites site visitors to follow your updates on Pinterest with one click.

Pinterest Follow

And you can also integrate your entire Pinterest Feed with your Wix site by adding this app from the Wix

App Market.

Pinterest Feed

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