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Small Business Tips \ JUL 10th 2014

How to Get Big-Brand Attention for your Small Business

Well-known and established brands have it relatively easy. When a big company launches a new campaign, they have seemingly endless resources and manpower to maximize their marketing and monetizing efforts. To the contrary, small businesses understand that every new move that their business makes demands the addition need of crawling out of relative obscurity and scrapping together the money to promote their work.

Despite all that, small businesses enjoy an advantage that big brands no longer have – they can allow themselves more flexibility and space for trial and error. If they play their cards right, small businesses can achieve impressive branding results, even without the big budget benefits that large companies have.

So how can a small business put up a fair fight compared to their large scale competitors? Here are some tips for attracting big attention with a not-so-big business operation:

How to Get Big-Brand Attention for your Small Business

1. Work on Messaging

Clear, consistent and distinct messaging is what turns a common business into a real brand. If you want to be heard, your brand needs to be speaking in a unique voice. Sounds abstract? Hardly. Let’s break this down into a few actionable items:

Looks: It’s important to cultivate a visual language and aesthetic for your brand. This means that your website, your ads, your products and all of your other brand assets should have a unified style. Use colors, fonts and logos consistently.

Words: If you had to describe your brand with 5 keywords, what would they be? When you’re able to answer this question, use these keywords to guide every piece of content you put out – from the Contact page on your website to the calls to action on your ads.

Answers: To achieve successful branding, you need to understand what is the question or need that your business fulfills. What do you have to offer that clients won’t be able to find anywhere else? This is the key to your branding efforts.

Work on Messaging

2. Advertise on a Budget

There are plenty of platforms and solutions out there that offer small businesses the option to run a targeted and effective campaign without spending wildly.

A powerful platform for small biz advertising today is Facebook. AdHusky is newly-released app on the Wix App Market allows you to create and operate an ad campaign on the world’s most popular network directly from your Wix account. Check it out.

Another important tool is Google’s DoubleClick solution for small businesses. With this tool, you have total control of the amount of clicks and views that your ads receive on Google websites. This means that set your budget according to your needs. The Google platform gives you analytical tools to measure your campaign’s success, so you can always choose to add more funding if the ads are getting you traction.

Advertise on a Budget

3. Know your Market

When you try to define your target audience, figuring out the demographics is not enough. You need to know what your audience likes, what triggers them, how they interact with brands, etc.

Important questions you should ask yourself are:

  • Is your audience largely comprised of technophiles or technophobes?
  • Are they using smartphone and mobile internet a lot?
  • Where do they hang out? What are their favorite websites, social networks, public spaces?
  • What other brands are they likely to follow, and why?
  • What’s important to them about the goods they consume – looks, functionality, speed, price?
  • Are they connected to a specific location or are they an international crowd?

Understanding the answers to these questions will help you set up a branding strategy that resonates with your market.

Know Your Audience

4. Stay on your Toes

As we mentioned earlier, small businesses have the advantage of being flexible. This enables you to react to your audience’s feedback and impressions in real time.

If you find that your audience’s behavior contradicts the assumptions you made – be brave enough to change old patterns with new ones.  Improvising and making changes as you go along are key elements in any marketing strategy. Just remember to keep changes within the framework of your brand messaging.

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