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Art & Photography \ JUL 30th 2014

Amazing Website Apps for Photographers

It goes without saying that the foundation of any successful online photography portfolio is built on exquisite photos. But in order to stand out, a great photography website needs more than great visuals.

In addition to a collection of gorgeous photography templates, Wix also offers photographers a set of apps that can easily be added to websites and make them more effective, more beautiful and more user-friendly.

Wix Photography Templates

To make things convenient for our photographer friends, we gathered together 10 great apps and features that can make life easier for website owners who are passionate about cameras. All of these apps are available in the Wix editor; just one click and they’re yours!

Getonic – Sell Images for Download

A great solution for photographers who want to sell their work in digital form. Getonic allows you not only to upload your files and set up a shop, it also let’s you create a “social shop” for selling on platforms like Facebook.

Getonic App

Instagram Feed – Show Off Your Mobile Skills

Sure, Instagram pics will never be able to compete with professional shots taken with high quality gear, but they can add an interesting take to your website that demonstrates versatility, an open mind and the ability to improvise. If you’re already a user, why not flaunt your Instagram skills on your site as well?

Instagram Feed

500px – Showcase Your Portfolio

Any web-savvy photographer is familiar with the 500px photography community. This hub provides a space for professional photographers to share their work and network. The good news is that now you can also use your 500px galleries and integrate them with your Wix website, saving yourself the tiresome effort of uploading everything twice.

500px App

Event and Venue Gallery – Social Event Photography

Event photographers will find this app especially helpful. It generates a photo and video stream for a specific event that can be updated by anyone that has access to it. This way, you offer the event managers a gallery of memories that combines your professional work with their guest’s perspectives.

Event and Venue Gallery

Dropbox – Storage Heaven

Photographers often handle large files in huge quantities. Sharing this sort of data with other people online is made much easier with storage tools like Dropbox. Integrating Dropbox with your Wix site is like having a gigantic storage unit in your cellar – it saves you lots of time and effort, and it keeps your living room tidy and free of clutter.

Dropbox App

Facebook Share – Encourage Visitors to Spread the Word

Clicking a Share button is a daily activity for all Facebook users. People feel comfortable to share everything interesting they come across. Why shouldn’t your gorgeous photography website enjoy some of that love? You can set up the Share button to post the link to the entire website or to have separate Share buttons for each and every page on your site.

Facebook Share Button

BookFresh – Schedule Sessions Online

Do yourself and your clients a favor and add this scheduling app to your website. On their end, they will be able to book an appointment with your for a shooting session without even picking up the phone. On your end, you get a reliable digital system organizing your schedule. Everyone wins!

BookFresh App

Inffuse Testimonials – Let Your Clients Do the Talking

Photographers offer both an end product (the actual photos) and an experience (the photoshoot itself). Private and commercial customers alike want to make sure that they are about to receive the best of both, and great testimonials are a superb method to generate that trust and comfort. As you gather feedback from previous clients, use this terrific app to edit and display them directly on your site.

Inffuse Testimonials

Gift Card – The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Here’s a fun marketing trick for you: Offer your site visitors the option to purchase gift cards for photoshoot sessions as a lovely and unique present. Gift cards for big retail chains can feel generic, and a personal photoshoot with a professional photographer is an intimate and friendly alternative.

Gift Card


RotaryView – 360 Degrees of Your Talent

For photographers who specialize in object and product photography, this app can be a great tool for demonstrating your abilities in a much more powerful way than a traditional 2D photo. RotaryView combines several shots into a circular presentation of the object, highlighting all of its angles and aspects. All you need to do is snap and the app will do the rest for you.

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