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Promote Your Site \ JUL 17th 2014

5 Tips to Get More Clicks in Search Engines

When you’re looking to get the word out about your great new website, few things are more important than fine tuning your SEO.

Think back to when you were first creating your website. Remember how you spent the time to pick the best graphics, deciding on a perfect background & writing great text? Just like the puzzle pieces that were put in place to create your great website, several components must work together in order to make your site an SEO powerhouse.

Ready to send your SEO strategy into the stratosphere? Read on to learn the A-Z of how you can take your site’s web presence to the next level.

5 Tips to Get More Clicks in Search Engines1. Content is King

In the world of SEO, few things are more important than finding the right keywords for your content.  The right keyword can make or break whether or not your audience finds your website.

Keywords are meant to help search sites like Google understand what your web page is all about. Mentioning your relevant keywords in the first couple of sentences of your website and in your H1 title headings should be enough to give both your site visitors and site crawlers like Google a good enough indication about what your page has to offer. Over saturating your content with too many choice words & phrases not makes your page hard to read, but it may look like spam to search crawlers and ultimately lower your search engine ranking.

Check out our previous post for a recap of how to find the perfect keywords for your website.

Content is King

2. Strengthen Your Titles

Your page titles play an integral role in the overall strength of your page’s SEO. Unique H1 titles on each of your website’s pages not only make your site look more organized, but as we mention above, it’s a great way to file relevant content information for SEO purposes.

When writing your H1 titles, it’s best to place your headers within the body of your page and avoid placing them in the header or footer of your page, despite the often convenient (show on all pages) option.

Here’s how to add an H1 title to your Wix site.

Strengthen Your Title

3. SEO is Inside/Out

Like we’ve mentioned in previous posts, the information linking to your website from search engines can be just as important as the SEO practices within your web pages. Meta titles and descriptions that link to your site within search engine queries are one of the main draws for many site visitors and account for a high percentage of organic traffic to your site

Check out our previous post for a recap on how to write a rocking meta description.

SEO is Inside/Out

4. Knock on Google’s Door

Once you have a website that you want to show off on online, it’s best practice to give the folks at Google a heads up and let them know that your site is open for business!

Submit your URL to Google’s Webmaster index here.

In order for your Wix site to be found on Google:

Sign into your Wix Editor > Go to Settings > SEO (Google) and make sure the “Allow search engine” toggle is on.

Knock on Google’s Door

5. Familiarize Yourself with Wix SEO Monitoring Tools

If tackling your SEO strategy sounds like a tough task, the good news is you’re not alone on this journey. There are a ton of tools available to you right under your nose on the Wix website.

Wix’s SEO Wizard Monitoring Tool helps formulate the perfect title, keywords and meta elements to create the most SEO friendly friendly site that you can.

Give it a try for yourself! Sign in to your Wix site and take the SEO Wizard out for a spin here:

Become One with Wix SEO Monitoring Tools

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