20 Content Ideas for Your Website or Blog

Sometimes, coming up with new content for your website or blog can be a trying task. If this has proved true for you recently, worry not. Just when you think you’ve exhausted every possible form of content, we’re here to shine a light on some inspirational gems that will get that content flowing from your fingertips before you know it.

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Without further ado, Here are our top 20 ideas for some supercharged content!

1. Write a beginner’s guide blog post about some aspect of your niche. These are hugely popular and can help establish you as an authority in your field.

2. Invite a guest post on your website. Get a guest blogger or friend to provide some insights on a topic, and post it right on your site. Be sure to note somewhere clearly that it’s just that (a guest post).

3. Start a ‘pic of the day/week/month’ content campaign. This can be so fun for your readers, and can keep them coming back for more.

4. Put your eyes on Pinterest – it’s full of inspiration and glorious content! We hear this one is pretty good…

5. Utilize social media tools like Buffer that offer content suggestions. That’s right – they do some of the work for you.

6. Create a new social media account – Instagram is great for fresh new photos and content. Once you’ve set up your new account, add it to your website with the corresponding social App in the Wix App Market.

7. Get positive testimonials from happy customers – this can be some of your most valuable info! If applicable, include the geographic location of the customer and show off your international status.

8. Ask your readers to participate in a survey. Generate lots of good content while getting some really valuable feedback.

9. Do a little online research to find out what’s trending, and write about it. Stick to the topics that correlate with your products, services, or brand.

10. Add an FAQ section to your site and answer your site visitors’ questions before they even ask them. Win-win!

11. Create a blog post like this one, with a numbered list of newsworthy topics that in some way tie into your business.

12. Use borrowed content from around the web like cool infographics, Youtube videos or anything else that makes sense with your niche. Just be sure to give credit where credit is due – claiming content that’s not yours as your own is a big no-no.

13. Write a blog post that highlights and lists (with links) all your previous articles on a particular topic. Along with being mostly comprised of content you’ve already created, it also gives your SEO ranking a nice boost.

14. Attend an event that has something to do with an aspect of your business. Grab some inspiration and write about it. Tip: sometimes it’s good to jot down notes so you don’t forget important quotes or details of the event as they happen.

15. Make a ‘hack’ post. Give insider quick tips on how to solve common issues your niche faces.

16. Talk to your friends. Let your peers know that you’re a bit stumped and see if some collaborative brainstorming doesn’t churn out some interesting ideas (it usually does).

17. Write about some of your biggest challenges, and how you overcame them. Share your success stories with your readers, but do your best not to brag. Also, remember to add the lesson learned.

18. Include a news section on your site. There are plenty of newsworthy moments that will happen to your business – it doesn’t necessarily need to be an article on the front page of one of the biggest publications out there. Be sure to share news articles about your business, as well as milestones met, like serving your 100th customer, for example.

19. Give your old content a facelift. If you wrote a blog post about something a couple of years ago, chances are the info needs to be updated. Create a new post based on the original, and be sure to add all the new details.

20. Pay your competition’s websites and social channels a visit. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing (right or wrong), and what content they are putting out that might inspire your own version.

By the Wix team

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