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Web Design \ JUL 11th 2014

10 Amazing Wix Websites to Teach You a Thing or Two

Creating your own website may seem like a big and scary task. Wix.com gives you the power to build a site completely under your terms, but as they say, with great power comes great responsibility.

If you feel that you’re facing this challenge alone, fear not! Not only can you rely on the Wix team to assist you with any question or issue (and here are all the ways you can reach us), fellow Wix users are also here to set an example and to inspire others.

For instance, here are ten websites that display a creative and unique approach to web design – each in its own way. We invite you to visit these websites, to focus on their special innovative elements and to evaluate how these novelties influence the overall experience with the site.

Give it a shot and you’ll definitely gain some insight.

A Living Product

It’s hard to make your online shop look diverse and interesting when you’re selling just one product, but Borba, a Polish bag manufacturer, is doing it brilliantly. Their secret? They’re not showing us the bag. They’re showing us the experiences that this bag will share with us.



Themed Layout

Arch Illustration is the business name of freelance illustrator Antoine Royer. Since his profession requires him to spend lots of hours in front of the computer in order to create visualizations, he decided to design the homepage of his website in a way that introduces his site visitors to his work routine. This familiarizes the visitors with him as a person and generates trust. Could you do something similar with your line of work?


Dare to Be Creative

Some trades and professions are often considered too “old-school” to have a creative and fun website. We don’t believe in that, and luckily, our users don’t either. Chip Painting’s website could have been nothing more than a page with contact info and a list of services. Yet this innovative painting company decided they want more, so they designed a site that brings back life into putting a coat of paint on walls.

Chip Painting


Navigation Trick

Here’s a cute trip that can work with many types of websites – add a little icon to indicate to your visitors which page they are viewing. How is it done? In the editor, simply use the same icon on each page and locate it as close as possible to the specific button. It will seem like it’s moving, but it actually is fixed in one location on each page separately. Thanks to Lily Hirasawa for this creative idea!

Lily Hirasawa


Knowledge is Power

Spoiled Cherry is an edgy clothing brand, yet they still believe in informing their potential clients on what’s what by introducing a detailed FAQ page. Adding an FAQ section is a powerful tool for online business owners. It indicates that you are both experienced and have accumulated interactions with clients, and that you listen to the concerns and questions that clients have posed in the past. Plus, it’s a pretty good way to boost SEO value by optimizing the texts you add.

10 websites you can learn from7



“We’re spinning, our arms outstretched, our fingers entwined. The world explodes in bright pops of colors.” – This is one example for how Someday market their beautiful designs for wedding invitations. With these textual imaginations, the invitation becomes more than a piece of paper with a date on it. It appeals to a couple because they can see themselves in the story.



On/Off Games

Mouse-over effects are hardly new in web design, yet Pentrita Domo still manage to use it creatively. By making almost their entire website sensitive to mouse-over actions, they turn the site visitor into an active participant in the browsing and navigation experience. It’s also a brilliant way to focus attention on specific elements, thus creating a browsing flow that is both clear and flexible.

10 websites you can learn from8


Images Speak

You may think that Stephanie White has it easy. She’s a talented photographer, so she has a huge pool of beautiful photographers to place on her website and promote her work through. But the truth is that almost every type of website, business or service can rely on great photography and visuals as part of their web design. Whether you’re a restaurant owner, a teacher, a carpenter or an accountant, don’t neglect the visual part of your site. People connect to images instantly, so the effect of striking visuals is irreplaceable.

S White Photos


The Clear Purpose

Your outstanding design, the professional photography work you paid for, the social marketing efforts you take to bring in traffic – all of that will not be worth much if you don’t give your visitors a clear idea of the action that is required of them. This is known as a “call to action,” and The Aviary events venue do it perfectly with the bright button that they placed on the upper right corner of the site – “BOOK ONLINE,” it says. Because that’s what the site is for.

The Aviary


The Navigation of the Future

Web Kiss is a beautiful website that combines two of the most loveable web design trends at the moment – long scrolling and anchor links. With long scrolling, website owners are able to display a large amount of information without splitting the site into numerous pages. The visitors can simply scroll along to get all the content they want and need. Add to that anchor links and you get an inner-page navigation that allows users to jump from one place in the page to another with the navigation menu on the top.


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