How to Use the World Cup Fever to Promote your Business

The World Cup is in full swing – and you’d have to be living under a pretty sound-proof rock not to have picked up on the global excitement. Whether or not you’re a football fan, chances are pretty good that some (if not a whole lot) of your customers have World Cup fever. So how can you harness some of the hype to promote your business? We’re here to break it down and help you score some winning points during this major sport event.

Incorporate festive design elements on your website

When people visit your website, let them know you’re a team player. Adjust the color scheme of your site to match the colors or your team’s flag. You don’t have to be extreme – you can even modify the colors to work with your brand. For example, if you’re rooting for Brazil, you don’t have to use the super bright green and yellow – you can go with more muted versions of these colors, changing your background, buttons or more.

Don’t forget: use the Go Team Badge to let people know which team you support and give your site that added celebratory feel.

Connect with fans via social media

Be a part of the games in real time. If your country is participating then be sure to root them on! Every time they score a goal, engage your fellow fans and shout out encouragement on your social channels. Create relevant hashtags and do your best to tie the frenzy into your products or services, if possible. Even if you can’t find a way to connect your products or services to the games, it’s a great brand-strengthening strategy to show your followers that you’re involved.

Go with a fun, flash sale

Who loves a good deal? The answer: just about everybody. An event like the World Cup provides the perfect opportunity to go with a themed flash sale, and can really create a nice little profit boost. You can choose how big of a sale you want to go with: a sweeping promotion of 20% off everything in your online store, two for one deals, or simply focusing on a specific product you want to push – customize the sale to work best for your business.

…Promote your flash sale

Determine which social channel the majority of your customers frequent and dole out some cash to get the word out that you’ve got a not-to-be-missed sale going on. If you don’t want to invest some money in advertising your sale, you can simply blast the details on your social channels and hope for some good, old fashioned organic reach. But if you’re willing to pay to have your advertisements promoted, check out this blog post  (and this one too) on Facebook promoted posts.

A few words to the wise:

Don’t post unrelated content during game time.

Chances are, if you publish a masterpiece of a tweet or even a blog post, it’s much more likely to go unnoticed during a game. Most eyes will be glued to the screen during that time, so don’t waste your best stuff when no one will be online to see it. Keep the game schedule on hand and if you’ve got a big international following or customer base, be mindful of time differences.

Don’t get sued.

The Fifa World Cup is protected by trademark (see all rules here). It’s generally a good idea to refer to the World Cup without making specific mention of the name or its affiliated trademarks. Err on the side of caution and make sure your images, banners, and what nots give the game a nod, while playing it safe.

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