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Art & Photography \ JUN 27th 2014

How to Shoot the Perfect Selfie

Okay we admit it: we enjoy a good selfie-sesh from time to time ourselves. We’d even go so far as to say that we’re pretty darn good at it (have you seen our Instagram page?)

Sometimes, a good selfie is just what your website ‘about’ section or blog needs – but it won’t count for much if it isn’t top quality. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to do some intense selfie research.

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how to take the perfect selfie

Are you ready to put your best face forward? Let’s do this:

1. Get the light right

There’s a reason celebrities pay out major cash to lighting crews – it’s worth it. Getting the lighting right can make all the difference. Here’s how to do it without a professional team: stand in front of a window or in soft (not cold or blue) flattering light. Make sure that there isn’t one source of hard light that is hitting your face and that the source of light is in front, not behind you. Unless you’re going for that horror movie look, in which case, go for it.

2. Find your face’s best angle

Every model knows their good side… so why shouldn’t you? Since almost every camera is now digital, and almost every phone is camera-equipped, there’s no need to be conservative with the snaps. Do a good amount of test shots, making sure to get all your different angles and sides. Once you’re done, go through them and pick the winning angle – is it your right profile or is it facing head on that makes you look like Kate Moss? It’s time to do the research.

3. Master the camera angle

Selfie experts (yes, that’s a thing now) say that holding the phone above your head and shooting down in a 45 degree angle will get you the best results. Kojenwa Moitt, CEO at Zebra Public Relations, suggests simply following the lead of the models: “Hold your phone high above your head and away from you at a 45 degree angle so that you look slim and trim in your selfie.”

4. Stretch those arms

If the phone is too close to your face it will distort the pic. So come on, don’t get lazy with it! See how far you can reach without straining anything, of course. Think of yourself as an athlete – your sport: selfies.

5. Don’t neglect the background

Yes, your face is the most important thing but the background you choose can enhance the overall effect. What good is a super hot selfie if your face is next to a toilet? A bad or awkward background can sometimes take the attention off of your face, and onto whatever it is that looks weird in the background. You don’t need to spend hours putting together the perfect backdrop, but being mindful of your surroundings is always a good idea and can really take your selfie to the next level.

6. Embrace your human side

Duck faces are so 2013. Don’t go the duck route! Instead, go for the hottest 2014 selfie-trend: your smile.


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