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Wix Updates \ JUN 24th 2014

Round Up of Hot New Wix Features

Like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, there’s never a dull moment at the Wix Labs. Our developers are always busy creating new features to bring DIY website building to even higher degrees of performance; our designers are constantly trying out various layouts that make new features look fabulous; and the testing squads are hard at work to make sure that everything works according to plan!

In this post, we’d like to introduce you to a list of newly-released Wix features that we are especially proud of. These new additions will improve your website creating experience, and provide you with a stronger and more striking end-product.

Get ready to boost your Wix website in 3,2,1…

Round-Up of Hot New Wix Features

6 New Wix Features to Power Up your Website

Vertical Menus: Navigate in Your Own Style

Yes, all you vertical fans can now add a vertical menu to your website with just one click. This feature gives you more flexibility with designing your site’s layout, expanding the possibilities of content distribution across your entire site. Vertical menus work especially well with websites that have a large visual focus at the center of the page, like a broad image gallery or video player.

How: Click Add> Buttons & Menus> Vertical Menu

Vertical Menus: Navigate Your Own Style

New Text Skin on Grid Galleries: Make Your Gallery Multitask

A newly-designed skin added to Grid Galleries (one of the most popular types of image galleries on the Wix Editor) is now available, which displays a stylish text box when site visitors hover over an image. With this skin, you can add a description to your images that will appear instantly in the gallery viewing mode.

How: Click Add> Gallery> Grid, Then click on the gallery and choose Change Style> Personalize this Gallery> Text Slide-Up

New Text Skin on Grid Galleries: Let the Gallery Multitask

Etsy App: Sell Right from Your Site

Another reason to envy creative arts and crafts people – now they can integrate their Etsy shops right into their Wix website with a click of a button. No longer do craft sellers have to choose between sending clients to their Etsy page or website; sellers can now integrate their Etsy account right into their Wix website allowing for a truly cohesive online shopping experience.

: Go here and click Add App

Etsy App: Sell Right from your Site

AdHusky: Advertise Your Small Biz on Facebook for Minimum Costs

The online advertising world is not always very friendly to small businesses and brands who do not have the budget to hire specialists for this task. AdHusky is an app that wants to change that, by helping small biz owners set up a Facebook campaign easily and for a budget that they can handle. Available now in the Wix App Market!

How: Go here and click Add App

AdHusky: Advertise your Small Biz on Facebook for Minimum Costs

Get Feedback: Learn from the Wix Community

When you finish creating your Wix website, you’ll obviously want to hear opinions and thoughts from people that you trust – including your friends and professionals. What if we told you that you can tap into a large pool of people who can help you with tips and comments about the design and usability of your site? By activating Get Feedback from the Wix Editor, you can share your site’s link with members of the Wix community for their comments and critiques. Don’t be shy! Wix users are great folks.

How: In the Editor, click on the Get Feedback icon on the right> Share your site

Get Feedback

Visit Virtual Tour: Give Viewers a Total Experience

With so much time and energy spent into beautifying your physical location, odds are you want to show off your space for the world to see. Now Wix has an app that makes sure your place is represented online in all its glory. The Visit Virtual Tour app invites website visitors to take a virtual stroll through your space. It’s ideal for hotels, real estate websites, venus, studios, schools, medical facilities or large shops.

How: Go here and click Add App

Visit Virtual Tour

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